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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Swimming Pool

It's time to take our over the ground 3 foot high swimming pool down for the season. The question is...... should I keep it, or throw it away?

We have had a bunch of fun using it over the past 5 years. Before that we had another type which was harder to put up. This swimming pool was really easy to set up and even though it was only 3 foot high, we could swim around and play in the pool. It has given us many years of enjoyment.
Last year we had a primary quarterly activity here in my back yard. The pool was small and we had to rotate the children through all the pools and slip and slides. During this activity, we had water balloons, sponges, 3 smaller wading pools along with 2 slip and slides. It was a great and simple activity. We served pop cycles as the treat. One of the easiest activities we had while I was Primary President (I was released from Primary this year - after 6 years in the Presidency). Here are a couple of pictures from the activity:

We have enjoyed birthday parties, having cousins and friends over to enjoy the poor man's pool, LOL. Unfortunately as my youngest is getting older, we did not use it much this past year. I only swam in the pool 3 times and I think Brady only swam one time. The time has come that we have out grown having the pool and it is time to throw it away.
The local swimming pool in just a few blocks away as well as Roaring Springs water park. My sad tale of roaring springs water park is that I had very high hopes of going there all summer long. I even purchased season passes for Brady and me. It was $300 for the passes and I purchased a locker for $50. However, I couldn't get Brady to go with me. We ended up going only 2 times (I did not want to go by myself). It was an expensive swimming season which I will not purchase again. But with the city swimming pool and roaring springs near by, I think it is time to say goodbye to our poor man's pool. sob sob..

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zoey said...

Funny Sondra! Yes, I have been checking out your blogspot regularly, but have not yet had the time to comment. I love hearing about you and your boys!


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