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Friday, September 26, 2008


For Brady's 13th birthday he wanted an IPOD. Yes, his 13th birthday over a year ago. Jason and I decided to go in together and purchase a 8 mg IPOD. He was happy to get his very own IPOD. But then it sat by the computer and he never added any songs or wanted to use it. It has sat by the computer for over a year now going un-used. I haven't been very happy to spend $200 and have it sitting there unused day after day for over a year. I'd bug him quite often about it. As he has become a teenager, he is very aware of others opinions and didn't want to add my kind of music because he was afraid he would be teased if anyone ever looked to see what he has loaded. I don't listen to today's music and I have no idea what kind to direct him to and the IPOD sat and sat.

Before Brady's trip to Silverwood, I asked Jason to come over and load up the IPOD with music so he could listen on the bus. We loaded it up with High School Musical, Jonas Brothers, Camp Rock, Chipmunks Movie, and then the regulars we listen to, Michael Ball, Hillary Weeks, The Holiday Sound track, Wicked.... those are the albums I can think of that we added.

Brady took his newly loaded IPOD on the trip to Silverwood. YEAH!!! He finally used it! Now, those ear plugs are constantly in his ears. It's kind of strange that now, he can't live without it. All I can think of is the year it sat by the computer ......

As you can see, I have a Zune which I absolutely love. Several years ago when MP3 players were coming out, I decided if I was going to spend the money - I wanted one with lots of MG's. Zune had the biggest at that time 25MG. I have loaded every CD I have and personal pictures and still have a ton of room. I don't really like to wear the ear plugs - I have a small speaker as shown in the picture. I use my Zune everyday as I clean houses and can't be bothered by the wire and ear plugs. This speaker works out great for my lifestyle. Even when I go walking and strap my Zune to my arm....I still like the speaker vs the ear plugs. I'm glad I have this option.

I absolutely love having every album, song and audio book in such a small compact place that I can take it with me anywhere. It is one of the great pleasures I have and such great technology. I love my Zune!

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