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Monday, September 29, 2008

I am loving my wheat grinder and bread maker!!

As I suspected, Brady wanted to grind the wheat. It sure is a lot of fun. We even talked about Chicken Little making the wheat into flour. It was fun!

Here is my first loaf of bread from my new bread maker. As I discussed in another blog, I have the bread maker mix the dough and then I put it in a regular bread pan, let rise and then bake. It's been a lot of fun.
Here is the bread maker that I purchased from Walmart for $54.88.
We made homemade pizza Friday night using the bread maker to mix the dough. It was alright for the first try. I think I hurried it to much - next time I will wait longer for it to rise. Plus, I made 2 pizza's out of the dough and I should have had it a little thicker and only 1 pizza's. We had a ton of pizza left over. It had the dough had good flavor - but I know the next time I do it, it will be much better and I'll post pictures.
I've also made soup bowls and today I made a loaf of white bread. I tried to get Brady to have a peanut butter and jam sandwich with the wheat bread. He didn't like it too much with pb&j. I think the bread was cut a little too thick and it was quite the sandwich - which I ended up eating because he didn't like it. He wants store bread for pb&j - but I am going to try home made white bread and try to cut it a little thinner. Well see how that goes. Brady did like the wheat bread, with butter at dinner time because it does have a great flavor - it was just a little much for pb&j.
I love making all these different things with my bread maker though. It sure makes life easier mixing the dough for me. It's been a bunch of fun.
I am also adding wheat flour to my cookie recipe and trying to sneak it in other items I use white flour with. I love getting back to basics and I am sure it is giving us better protein and nutrients from grinding our own wheat. It's a good feeling.


Ann Marie said...

Your bread looks soo yummy!
Yay! It's so fun to see the new things you've been doing, and the great deals you've found! :)

BTW: Like your wheat, I am always thinking of where I can sneak some Zucchini into?? :)

CheleLew said...

Thought I'd drop a quick comment with a link to a pizza recipe using whole wheat flour you grind yourself from your grains. I use this recipe all the time. I usually make up about 4 crusts, do the initial bake, let cool, then put into jumbo freezer bags. It makes for a very quick dinner. Also, I've used this recipe to make personal type pizzas so that everyone can do their own fixings. While I've never tried this recipe with hard red before, the recipe does suggest hard white. Personally I use soft white.


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