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Friday, May 22, 2015

So Green!

What am I loving about all this spring rain?
Everything is soooooo green!
 A look at my back yard from my patio. 

It smells good too with the Iris'  and roses blooming.
And now the honeysuckle vine is starting to have lots of little white honeysuckle flowers. 

Beautiful and aromatic!

 I love the peacefulness of my back yard and everything that is blooming and smelling so good. Not to mention the birds singing. 


Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Dean's List Son

Once again Brady is on the Dean's List. He has consistently been on the Dean's list throughout his college years! He is such a smart kid. I also have to say that not only does he go to school full time, but he also works full time job too! This is the way to do it and not get yourself in debt for a college education! He inspires me everyday with his ambition! He will certainly go far in life! 

This is what he posted on facebook: I astound myself yet again. It turns out that I do very well at this thing called college. I never push myself to get on the Dean's List, and every semester I feel like I'm doing incredibly average that I'm almost positive that this is the semester I don't make it. Then after everything is finally graded, I'm amazed at how well I did. Looks like I'm still going to be a Dean's List kid. Cheers to another surprisingly successful semester.

This is the official letter from University of Utah!!

Congratulations for making the Dean’s List for Spring Semester, 2015.
Final grade submissions are now in and our records show that you earned at least a 3.5 GPA on at least 12 graded credit hours for this semester.  These are the criteria for Dean’s List designation and this will be shown on your official University transcript.
Best wishes for continued success as you pursue your degree at the University of Utah.

Scholastic Standards Team
University College Advising

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wayback Wednesday: Joel and Conna Dursteler

A request from a relative (Deborah Stegman) who is Donna Lee Dursteler's oldest daughter and oldest granddaughter of Joel and Conna Dursteler. She was looking for photos of Conna because she didn't have one. One of the great things about blogging and posting heritage information, it gives more people access to information I have. I need to get back to posting a Wayback Wednesday post until all the old photos I've scanned in from my mother are on my blog. Once again this blog has been a great tool to journal family information. I've had a lot of relative stumble onto my blog and asked if I had more information or photos which is quite fun! 

Also if you have any photos of Conna Rae or Joel, please email them to me at so that I can share them with the everyone. Thanks!

This information came from a Mapleton History book. 
Back row: Conna, Eugene, Donna Lee, Terry, Joel
Front row: Paul, Larry, Pauline

Parents: Joel Rudolph and Conna Rae Elwell Dursteler

Children: Larry, Jerry, Eugene, Donna Lee, Paul, Pauline and Margie

On the 12 April 1914, Joel Rudolph Dursteler came to the home of Henry and Clemma Long Dursteler home in Whitney, Idaho. It was a rented home of A.C. Hull, as Henry and Clemma were working for the Hulls when they met and married.

Joel went to school in Cub River. One year he lived with the Dursteler's in Whitney to go to school there, but he soon moved back home and worked for Earnest Spatig.

Later in life, he met Conna Rae Elwell and in 1936 they were married in Soda Springs, Idaho. We lieve for a while with Joel's parents on the ranch up in the hills. We then moved to Whitney and then Preston. Three children were born to us at this time: Larry, Jerry and Eugene. When Eugene was three months old, we decided to go to California to work in the Saw Mills with Joel's brother, Ed.

We took our three children with us. There were only 50 members of the church down there, so we fixed a place to hold church on Sundays.

Moving back to Preston, Joel worked as a carpenter. All in all, we lived in Cub River five times. Then we got some ground from Wendell and Afton Long and built a log home on the dugway hill. 

Here we adopted Margie, on or our grandchildren. She added much joy to this family. She always said she had an uncle and aunt that were her adopted brother and sister. 

Children born to this family: Larry (1937), Jerry (1938), Eugene (1941), Donna (1944), twins Paul and Pauline (19145) and Margie.

On 9 October 1975, Joel died in Mapleton. Our third child, Eugen was killed at his work. We have lost a grandchild Lonnie and a great grand child. 

Preston, Idaho Conna Rae Elwell Dursteler passed away peacefully in her sleep in Pocatello Idaho on February 13, 2008 at the great age of 90. She was born July 21, 1917, the fourth child of Ike Issac and Madge Francis Louise Carter Elwell. She was raised in Preston and graduated from Preston High School.

She met Joel R. Dursteler and they were married August 29, 1936 in Soda Springs, Idaho. They lived in Cub River, Idaho; California, Idaho Falls, ID; Soda Springs, ID; and then back to Preston. Joel preceded her in death in 1975 and she moved to Preston until 2004 when she moved to Pocatello. She was a very caring lady and she was always there if anyone needed help in any way. She ran the Del Monte Cafe in Franklin and waited on many people from Preston to Idaho Falls. she cooked at the schools and senior citizen center as well as participated in the Meals on Wheels program. She also worked in the Home Health Care.

She is survived by four children, Larry R. (Tamra) Dursteler, of Hyde Park Utah; Jerry E. (Jill) Dursteler, Idaho Falls, ID, Paulene (David) Stoddard, Georgetown, ID; and Paul H.(LInda) Dursteler, Cub River, ID; 39 grandchildren, 31 great grandchildren, and six great-great grandchildren, siblings Leora Evans, Don Elwell, and Gwen Jordan all of Logan, UT. She was preceded in death by her husband Joel, her parents, a son Joel Eugene Dursteler, a daughter Donna Lee Dursteler, two brothers Jack Carter, and *Bud) Leland Elwell, and a sister Norma Nash McIntire.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

5 Ways to Overcome Financial Lies

Our children are told that they must get loans and credit cards to obtain a credit rating. They've been told that they must have a credit rating in order to purchase a house.

This thought process gets them in trouble and sometimes ruins their credit score. 

The other day I had a conversation with my children about getting a house and how that is a struggle to achieve because of credit scores or lack there of. 

I told them that the reason the poor always stay poor is because they get into debt and never learn to save money.

To have a future, you have to learn several things:

1. Work hard in your job and live below your means. 

2. Always have a written budget every month and learn how to save money.

3. Don't go into debt! You end up having to pay interest rates - which takes more money out of your pocket. The rich don't pay interest or extra money because they pay everything with cash (that is how they get rich). 

4. Have an emergency fund so that you don't have to go into debt when emergencies DO happen - because they always will. 

5. Learn to pay yourself first every paycheck. Money you put into a savings account for your future dreams. When you have money left over each month because you have lived below your means and saved money - put that into your savings account too and watch it grow. 

I explained to them that the reason their generation is having a much harder time to have what our parents and grandparents had is because they didn't go into debt. They budgeted, saved, and lived below their means. They didn't go into debt to keep up with their neighbors. 

The access we have to credit hurts us! The older generation didn't have access to credit like we do. We go into debt on trivial things that aren't needed or emergencies. We think it's normal, but what really is happening is that you are mortgaging your future dreams by going into debt. 

This financial lie is hurting this generation.

If your savings equal 30% - 50% of the cost of a home, they WILL give you a loan without a credit score. OR ... wouldn't it be better to purchase a home with cash - not giving the bank any interest. (This also applies to cars - it's better to always pay cash for cars).

If our children learn to save when they start earning money and live below their means and learn to never get into debt ... the dream of having a home is within their reach. 

Life is better and easier if they don't believe or learn the financial lies we've been programmed to live today. 

If you reject these financial lies, you can have a better life and achieve your dreams. 


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