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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Relief Society Lesson Feb 2016

Summary from Adversity-Part of God’s plan for our Eternal Progress

Our challenges and adversity are part of God’s plan for us.  We accepted these trials as part of the plan.  They are opportunities for growth.  Life is hard but it is supposed to be hard.  Remember that God has a great purpose for you and adversity is part of His plan.

 Picture a kite –it needs wind—which is the adversity in our lives.  Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are the string which anchors us to the ground.  Sometimes we fly along smoothly and other times we are buffeted by the winds.—but we still have our string—even though we may not always see it—Heavenly Father and our Savior are always there for us.

We can continue to have blessings during our adversity.  Each trial strengthens us and helps prepare us for things ahead.  Sometimes we are able to help others when they go through what we have previously gone through ourselves.

Often service can help us—even though we may not want to do it.  As we come to the Savior and give him our burdens, we may feel his presence physically—he will make help us have an easy yoke and light burdens.

There are always angels around us to help—seen and unseen.  We can lift each other and are blessed with strength to rise through every trial.  We can be happy and optimistic and confident as we overcome our adversity and trials.  Doubt not, fear not.

2/21 Lesson:

Today's lesson in Relief Society was on chapter 4 of the Howard B. Hunter book titled "Help From on High".

The lesson outlined the importance of Prayer, Scripture Study, pondering, and meditation in personally seeking inspiration from Heaven.  President Hunter emphasized the importance of looking upward in our daily lives.  He also encouraged us to begin seeking and recognizing spiritual guidance in a more earnest way.

"Perhaps no promise in life is more reassuring than that promise of divine assistance and spiritual guidance in times of need.  It is a gift freely given from heaven, a gift that we need from our earliest youth through the very latest days of our lives."  

"It has always been encouraging to me that the Lord said it is the "willing and obedient [who] shall eat the good of the land of Zion in these last days."  All of us can be willing and obedient.  If the Lord had said the perfect shall eat the good of the land of Zion in these last day, I suppose some of us would be discouraged and give up....

The place to begin is here.  The time to start is now.  The length of our stride needs to be but one step at a time.  God, who has "designed our happiness," will lead us along even as little children, and we will by that process approach perfection."

Howard W. Hunter

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