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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Relief Society Lesson Jan 10, 2016

My ward Relief Society sends out an email with a summary of the lesson so that all the women who serve in other auxiliaries can know what the adult lesson for us was about. That way we can feel more united even though we serve in other callings and are not able to hear the lesson. I thought I'd share what our ward has shared:
President Howard W. Hunter is the prophet we will be studying this year.  He was only the prophet for 9 months and only spoke in General Conference one time as the Prophet. He invited members to do 2 things: 

1.  I would invite all members of the Church to live with evermore attention to the life and example of the Lord Jesus Christ, especially the love and hope and compassion He displayed.  I pray that we might treat each other with more kindness, more courtesy, more humility, and patience and forgiveness.

2. I also invite members of the Church to establish the temple of the Lord as the great symbol of their membership.  I would hope that every adult member would e worthy of-- and carry-- a current temple recommend.  Let us be a temple-attending and a temple-loving people.

Our Lesson today was titled, "Jesus Christ--Our Only Way to Hope and Joy."
President Hunter taught that "Christ's way is not only the right way, it is the only way to hope and joy."  How much time do you spend thinking about the Savior?  We know we need to and should do this but how?  How do we have a Christ-centered home?  We put up pictures of Christ to remind us of Him and encourage gospel centered discussions, pray for help to become more Christlike, study our scriptures, "ponderize" ponder and memorize one scripture each week, teach about the Savior--(suggested one attribute a month), read conference talks--do our best each day!

We all have sudden storms in our life.  Watch the video "Calming the Tempest" on  What hardships do we face daily and how has the Savior calmed the storms in your life?  We do the best we can to study, pray, read scriptures, read Ensign, watch BYU TV but must remember to forgive ourselves if we don't do all we think we should.  Sister Bates suggested choosing a word to focus on throughout the year instead of a long list of resolutions that may end up being overwhelming.  As sisters we have so many things in our lives it can seem like a tornado. We must do all we can to find the peace and joy and happiness that gospel can bring us.  We can embrace life joyfully and full of faith.  Study the scriptures regularly.  Obey the voice of the Prophet.  Pray fervently.  Do all you can to help others.  You will find great happiness in such a course.  Some glorious day all your worries will be turned to joys.

We ended by singing, "Jesus, the Very Thought of thee."  Ponder these words and think of our Savior!

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