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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Primary 3 Lesson 10


At the beginning of this lesson when you "show" a bandage, I actually put a bandage on each child's finger. They love this. 

Journal Page
1. Feel Sorry
2. Ask Forgiveness
3. Right the wrong
4. Don't repeat the wrong.


Denise Kirby said...

It makes my heart happy to see one of my illustrations from the Friend Magazine used on your blog (for Primary use). It would have been nice if you had credited the illustrator when you posted it though. Denise Kirby

Sondra said...

Denise, Thanks for the comment and letting me know to give you credit as the illustrator. I've updated the handout with your name as the illustrator. Thanks again for visiting my site.

Denise Kirby said...

Thanks Sondra. I have to give this lesson next week and I forgot all about this illustration I did! :S
I think I even still have the original somewhere. I think Ill use it. :D I wonder what else I have in files that Ive forgotten all about. ?


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