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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Primary 3 Lesson 9

Primary 3 Manual
Lesson 9

Priesthood Blessings and Ordinances

Journal Page

I am lazy and I don't make paper windmills for this lesson IF I can find them to purchase. I found some and gave each child their own windmill. 

I colored the handout and copied it colored. Then I cut them out for each child. This way it was ready to use for the questions answer game at the end of the lesson. 

 These pictures for another coloring sheet are from the Nursery Manual "Behold your Little Ones". The first 3 pictures I used are from the Lesson 28 "Heavenly Father Blesses Me through the Priesthood. I needed one more picture that I took from Lesson 26 "I can be Baptized and Confirmed. 

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Becky said...

Thank you for your excellent posts! I'm grateful, because when I went to print this out for whatever reason I couldn't access it on the church website. But here you have it and it saved our lesson!
Thank you for the time you put into your posts here!
Becky (a CTR 4 teacher)


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