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Primary 5 Ideas

This course of study teaches about the restoration of the church of Jesus Christ in the latter days through the Prophet Joseph Smith. As you share and discuss the historical accounts given in the lesson and the passages from the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price, the children can gain stronger testimonies of the restoration of Christ’s church and of the divine mission of the Prophet Joseph Smith. They can also gain a love and appreciation for the Saints who endured hardships and persecutions yet remained true to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Encourage the children to read at home, either by themselves or with their families, the selected passages given in the “Suggested Home Reading” section at the end of each lesson. As the children learn important principles from these lessons, they will grow in their desire to keep the covenants they have made with God and give service in his church throughout their lives. These truths will also give them strength to resist temptations in today’s world.

Lesson 2 The Apostasy and the Need for the Restoration of Jesus Christ’s Church

Lesson 3 The Angel Moroni Visits Joseph Smith

Lesson 4 Joseph Smith Prepares to Receive the Gold Plates

Lesson 5Joseph Smith Receives the Gold Plates

Lesson 6Joseph Smith Begins to Translate the Gold Plates

Lesson 7Joseph Smith Translates the Gold Plates

Lesson 8The Priesthood Is Restored

Lesson 9Witnesses See the Gold Plates

Lesson 10The Book of Mormon Is Published

Lesson 11The Restored Church of Jesus Christ Is Organized

Lesson 12Important Ordinances Are Restored

Lesson 13The First Missionaries Preach the Gospel

Lesson 14Emma Smith Selects Sacred Hymns

Lesson 15 The Prophet Receives Revelation for the Church

Lesson 16 The Saints Gather to Kirtland, Ohio

Lesson 17 Edward Partridge Is Called as the First Bishop

Lesson 18The Lord Reveals the Law of Consecration

Lesson 19 The Saints Are Taught to Recognize Good and Evil

Lesson 20 Joseph Smith Translates the Bible and Other Scriptures

Lesson 21 Joseph Smith Is Tarred and Feathered

Lesson 22 The Latter-day Revelations Are Published

Lesson 23 The Prophet Receives a Vision of the Three Degrees of Glory

Lesson 24 The School of the Prophets and the Word of Wisdom

Lesson 25 The Kirtland Temple Is Constructed

Lesson 26 The Kirtland Temple Is Dedicated

Lesson 27 The Saints Are Expelled from Jackson County

Lesson 28 Zion’s Camp Marches to Missouri

Lesson 29 Missionaries Go to Other Nations

Lesson 30 Adam-ondi-Ahman

Lesson 31 The Extermination Order

Lesson 32 Joseph Smith Is Jailed Unjustly

Lesson 33 The Saints Work to Build Nauvoo, the Beautiful

Lesson 34 Joseph Smith Teaches about Baptism for the Dead

Lesson 35 The Nauvoo Temple Is Used for Sacred Ordinances

Lesson 36 Joseph Smith Writes the Articles of Faith

Lesson 37 Joseph and Hyrum Smith Are Martyred

Lesson 38 Brigham Young Leads the Church

Lesson 39 The Saints Build Winter Quarters

Lesson 40 The First Pioneer Company Crosses the Plains

Lesson 41 The Saints Settle the Salt Lake Valley

Lesson 42 The Pioneers Show Their Faith in Jesus Christ

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