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Primary 3 Ideas

Prepare each lesson carefully and prayerfully so the children will understand and enjoy it and so you will have the guidance of the Spirit.

Teach lessons in order, except for lessons 45 and 46 (Easter and Christmas). If any of the children in your class will be baptized during the year, you may want to teach lessons 12 and 13, which are on baptism and confirmation, before the first child in your class is baptized. (For my CTR 7 class, I teach lessons 12 and 13 the first 2 Sundays of the year.)

DO NOT read the lesson to the children. They will respond better if you present it in your own words. Bear a brief, personal testimony often so that class members will be more likely to hear and respond to the gospel message with the Spirit.

To print out the coloring and activity pages from that aren't PDF, click on the picture and then copy and paste it into a word document, resize to fit a page and print it. That is how I am able to print the coloring pages from as a full page coloring page or activity.

For the CTR 7 class, we teach lesson 11 and 12 at the beginning of the year. (that is why they are out of order)

Lesson 11 Baptism

Lesson 12 The Gift of the Holy Ghost

Lesson 1 Choose the Right

Lesson 2 Heavenly Father Trusts Us to Follow His Plan

Lesson 3 The Commandments Help Us Choose the Right

Lesson 4 Joseph Smith's Childhood

Lesson 5 The First Vision

Lesson 6 Jesus Christ's Church Has Been Restored

Lesson 7 Faith in Jesus Christ

Lesson 8 The Church of Jesus Christ Has Prophets to Teach Us

Lesson 9 Priesthood Blessings and Ordinances

Lesson 10 Repentance

Lesson 11 above in first slot - I teach this at the beginning of the year

Lesson 12 above in second slot - I teach this at the beginning of the year

Lesson 13 The Baptismal Covenant

Lesson 14 The Word of Wisdom

Lesson 15 The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon
Another blog post on Lesson 15 here

Lesson 16 We can Show Our Faith by Being Obedient

Lesson 17 We Believe the Book of Mormon to Be the Word of God

Lesson 18 Heavenly Father Helps Us Obey His Commandments

Lesson 19 Heavenly Father Helps Us When We Pray

Lesson 20 The Holy Ghost Helps Us Know the Truth

Lesson 21 We Receive Great Blessings As Members of Jesus Christ's Church

Lesson 22 The Atonement of Jesus Christ

Lesson 23 Forgiving One Another

Lesson 24 The Lord Helps Missionaries

Lesson 25 I Can Be a Missionary

Lesson 26 The Holy Ghost Can Help Us

Lesson 27 The Age of Accountability

Lesson 28 Our Parents Help Us Learn

Lesson 29 Having Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

Lesson 30 Jesus Christ Loves Each of Us

Lesson 31 Jesus Christ Wants Us to Love Everyone

Lesson 32 Remembering Jesus Christ When We Take the Sacrament

Lesson 33 The Sacrament Reminds Us of Our Covenants

Lesson 34 We Can Pray to Heavenly Father

Lesson 35 Temples of Eternal Families

Lesson 36 Showing Love for Jesus Christ

Lesson 37 I'll Serve Jesus Christ by Serving Others

Lesson 38 I Can Be Pure and Righteous

Lesson 39 Showing Love for Our Parents

Lesson 40 Worshiping at Church

Lesson 41 Fasting Brings Us Closer to heavenly Father and Jesus Christ

Lesson 42 Tithing

Lesson 43 Honoring the Names of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ

Lesson 44 Do Unto Others

Lesson 45 I Can Be a Good Example for My Family

Lesson 46 Jesus Christ Made It Possible for Us to Live Forever (Easter)

Lesson 47 Jesus Christ Was Born on Earth (Christmas)


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