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Monday, November 21, 2016

Blessed Beyond Measure!

One of my customers just moved into a smaller house. She asked me if I wanted any of the furniture she couldn't use. I said I'd love to have a few items. She gave everything she didn't want for FREE!

Yes, I am so blessed. There were quite a few items I couldn't take because I don't have the space for it and I don't believe in paying for storage. 

Here are the items I am now the proud owner of!!! Yippee!
 A beautiful dresser! I put this in my bedroom.
 Another dresser! I put this in my TV room and put my flat screen TV on it. I have all the extra blankets tucked inside the drawers. 
 A night stand! I put this in the TV room too. I put it between the 2 lazy boys. I put extra DVDs in the drawers. 

I love the extra storage that helped make the room look cleaner and more organized. 

The little table that was in the TV room between the chairs is now a night stand in Jason's room. 
 I didn't take the 2 twin beds, but I took the night stand. 

I put this night stand in my bedroom and put the older night stand in Jason's room. 
And these beautiful outdoor lounge chairs and table!! I can't wait until next summer to start laying around outside on these nice lounge chairs.

 I'm very excited about all of this beautiful furniture.

I'm such a lucky girl... All of those blessings for FREE!

Also while I went and cleaned my business customer, a trucking company, the owner asked me if I wanted some trout he caught over the weekend. Of course!
I brought them home and ran them through my food saver machine and put them in the freezer. They are some BIG fish. I'm so excited to eat them! 

I am so blessed!

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