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Sunday, October 30, 2016

New Roof

I've been saving for a new roof for some time now. Although I haven't saved the whole amount of money needed to get a new roof without going into debt, I couldn't wait any longer. It's really nice to have it done and not have to worry the next time the wind blows. 

I will be working extra hard to have the debt paid over the next few months because I absolutely hate being in debt. It's been an expensive summer being a homeowner. A few months ago I had to get a new air conditioner and furnace. On the flip side, it nice to have these big things done so I won't have to worry about it for years to come. 
A look at my house with the white shingled roof that was desperately in need of repair.  
 A look from the back yard showing an old swamp cooler on the roof and a TV dish that I quit using years ago. I requested that these 2 eye sores be removed from my roof during the re-shingle. 
 I went with a company called E&H Roofing because I had several friends comment on what a great company they are. I wanted someone who would do a quality job that would last for years to come. They offer a 10 year warranty on their workmanship and the shingles have a limited lifetime warranty. I hope this is the last time in my remaining life span that I will have to think about fixing the roof on my home. 
 My poor detached garage had the original wood shakes on it - and lots of them were missing. My original house before the remodel was built in 1920. I'm not sure when the detached garage was built - but I'm sure it's close to 100 years old too. It didn't even have plywood covering the rafters. It's nice to have a new roof on the garage. 
 The swamp cooler and TV dish are gone! It makes me so happy!! 
 I went with a black shingled roof and love it! 
 The relief to have it done is beyond words. Next spring I will have my house re-painted or if I can afford it, have vinyl siding instead. I love my blue house but will probably make it a darker gray blue.
The detached garage's new roof. 

It was a huge expensive job that comes with being a homeowner. I'm relieved it's done and happy with the beauty of my new black roof! 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

I'm A Mama Dragon

A few months ago my sister in law sent me a text to google "Mama Dragons". 

When I received the text of course I googled it and was immediately in love with the MAMA DRAGONS mission. This is who I am and I knew that I needed to become a Mama Dragon too! I sent an email hoping to connect with the Mama Dragons in the Boise area. 

The name “Mama Dragon” came from a blog post Meg Abhau had written shortly after her 13 year old son came out of the closet. This is from her blog from May 8, 2012.

“I have always been a mother bear. Once I found out about Jon, that didn’t seem a fierce enough title. There is a whole new level of protection that has come over me. I now call myself a Mama Dragon. I could literally breathe fire if someone hurt my son. Dragons have talons, scales, claws, fangs and they can fly. I will use all of these resources if someone were to hurt Jon. So, we are circling our wagons around him, but I know we can’t protect him from everything. And as a Mama Dragon, that is the hardest part of this. I don’t know what the future holds. I just know that there will be love.”
Lisa and Vicki

I had a great opportunity to join with the Mama Dragons at their booth at a Suicide Prevention walk "Out of Darkness" at Kleiner Park by The Village in Meridian, Idaho. Vicki from Mama Dragons contacted me and invited me to join in. I'm really excited to be a Mama Dragon!!  
 Sondra and Lisa
Sondra and Vicki

I had a great time reaching out to people who stopped by our booth. It's all about showing love one to another, giving hugs and letting LGBTQIA know that they matter and are loved. 

I'm extremely excited to meet others in the area who have LGBTQIA children. It is my hope to bring safety to our children and make the world a better place by loving these dear children of God. They matter and they are loved - they need to know this. They are valuable and deserve to live a happy loving life. 

The "Out of Darkness, Suicide prevention was such an emotional event. 

When my son came out as a gay man, my biggest fear was that he would commit suicide. This is a huge concern with parents who have LGBTQIA children. I know within this group there are been so many losses of children and we are fighting to prevent even one more child who doesn't feel valued or worthy to be who they are. 

We need to stop this trend, this hate in the world against these children of God. They are wonderful, valued, smart, gifted, lovable children who have much to bring to the world. Lets love them, hug them and support them to be who they are. Let's stop the hate that is out there and make this world a safe place!

Here is a little bit about the "Out of Darkness Walk":

Several hundred people gathered for the Treasure Valley's Out of the Darkness walk Saturday morning, an American Foundation for Suicide Prevention fundraiser meant to promote resources and provide support to those contemplating suicide or affected by it.

The event, held at Kleiner Park in Meridian, raised over $40,000 for the Idaho chapter of the AFSP, which was created about a year ago. Speakers praised Idaho's recent suicide prevention mandates before teams of walkers embarked on the 5K around The Village at Meridian.

"The legislature and health care commission of Idaho have recognized suicide as the No.1 issue facing the state," said W. Stewart Wilder, president of the Idaho Suicide Prevention Coalition. He said Idaho's suicide prevention initiatives are "really unheard of" on a national level.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Hike to Table Rock, Boise Idaho

Along the foothills that line Boise Idaho is a cross that sits over the valley. The cross is set upon rock and it's called Table Rock. 

My walking group from Boise SparkPeople set up a walk to hike up to Table Rock.
I heard it was a difficult hike and I was pretty scared to do it. For me, it's always difficult to do something unknown and that I haven't done before. It's completely outside of my comfort zone. 

I debated back and forth if I was going to join the hike. Finally, I just had to push myself outside the door and make myself do it. I know the only way I will live a beautiful life is to challenge myself and push outside my comfort zone.
We met at the Old Penitentiary off of Warm Springs Avenue.  
 Hiked up to Table Rock with my walking group at 10am Saturday morning. It was a great view of the valley with the fall leaves.  Too bad there was a haze over the valley this morning - but still beautiful.
 There was a huge fire around the 4th of July started by fireworks. You can see how much burn area there was.
 The cross that over looks the Boise Valley.
Even though I had to push myself out the door to do something outside my comfort zone and something I haven't done before I did it. I'm glad I went and know that I can do this! It wasn't an easy hike but so worth it! Yea!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Cutting Away Honeysuckle Vine - Huge Job!

I've been working hard on cutting down the honeysuckle vine on the garage and preparing it to get a new roof. The estimate for a new roof on the house and garage .... wait for it .... $ 10,262. Gasp. It's got to be done - oh yea! Anyway, I've been killing myself to get it cut down. 
Before and beautiful Honeysuckle Vine

 I hate it and will never let it get that big again. I almost caved and called someone to come and do it for me, but I'm just too cheap. I really loved it in full bloom, but I just let it get too big. It was about 3 feet in depth and about 3 feet over the roof. 
Here it is with most of it cut down. 

  I still have to cut more down and clean it up off the garage, but the main focus was getting it off the roof. I have a huge pile of vines on the cement pad - I've bagged about 20 bags full, filled my city issued garbage cans 4 times. 
Oh man ... it's such a huge job. But.... I'm so happy I was able to get it cut down off of the roof. I've moved this pile of vines to finished bagging up to the corner of my yard. 

It will take me a while to get it all bagged up and thrown away. I thought about getting a dumpster delivered to dispose of all the vines. However, again I'm too cheap. The city does leaf pick up for free when it's put in paper leaf bags in November. I'd rather do free then pay for it to be thrown away. It is a little difficult to get the vines in those paper bags without ripping the bag, but it has to be done. 

At least the roof doesn't have vines on it anymore and is ready for a new roof. 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Enjoying the Giraffes After 4 Mile Walk

Enjoyed a nice walk with Kathy and Barb from the Boise Idaho SparkPeople group.  
 We did a 4 mile walk along the Green Belt and Boise River. 
Kathy and Sondra
 We ended by the Zoo and the Giraffes were out.
Barb and Sondra
 It was a beautiful morning - I love fall. Happy October.


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