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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My Secret Garden 2016

I thought I'd share how beautiful my yard or secret garden is this year. I love being outside and enjoying all it's beauty.
 Front yard
 The berm along the side of my house. I love the marigolds I planted this year that edge the berm. They make such a bold beautiful statement. The red geraniums in the center are beautiful too, but for some reason, they didn't do that well in the full sun front of the berm. They are there, but didn't grow into big bushes like the rest of my yard. 
 More of the berm from a side view. 
 Looking from the back of the yard by the gate - looking toward the front of the house and street. 
 Stepping inside the gate to the back yard. 
 The flowers by the back gate. 
 The kidney shaped berm off the side of the patio. 
 Looking toward the back gate. 
 The geraniums by the garage. 
 Looking toward the back of the yard to the arborvitae trees. Each pot has a red geranium in it too (hard to see in the shade). The red geraniums are the same ones above by the garage. 
 The flowers / geraniums on the other side of the patio. 
 Looking toward the patio. 
My haven in the back yard. I spend most of the time I'm home on the back patio. I recently brought out my exercise bike outside because the weather is just lovely! 

I hope you enjoyed an update of my secret garden 2016. 
As you can tell, I love flowers!

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