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Monday, September 26, 2016

2017 Primary Monthly Theme Pages

I've been working on the 2012 journal binders for my CTR 7 class. I'm trying to get a head start so that I'm not working on them during the Christmas holiday.

 I decided to make my own pages this year. I know there are a lot of cute ones with scrapbook accents like I used last year, but last year was very expensive to print them out for each child's binder in my class.  With the thought of being  more budget conscience, I decided to simplify the pages.

You probably have figured out by now in my weekly lesson journal pages, that I like real pictures - not cartoon pictures. I really like what they ended up looking like and I know my children will LOVE their journal binders.

I'm using the front page of the 2012 Sharing Time outline for the front of the binders. This works out really great for my CTR 7 children who will be baptized this year.
 Back of the binder - pictures from Behold My Little Ones, Nursery Manual. The wording is from the Primary manual - the purpose of Primary.

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