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Monday, September 26, 2016

2017 Primary Monthly Theme Pages

I've been working on the 2012 journal binders for my CTR 7 class. I'm trying to get a head start so that I'm not working on them during the Christmas holiday.

 I decided to make my own pages this year. I know there are a lot of cute ones with scrapbook accents like I used last year, but last year was very expensive to print them out for each child's binder in my class.  With the thought of being  more budget conscience, I decided to simplify the pages.

You probably have figured out by now in my weekly lesson journal pages, that I like real pictures - not cartoon pictures. I really like what they ended up looking like and I know my children will LOVE their journal binders.

I'm using the front page of the 2012 Sharing Time outline for the front of the binders. This works out really great for my CTR 7 children who will be baptized this year.
 Back of the binder - pictures from Behold My Little Ones, Nursery Manual. The wording is from the Primary manual - the purpose of Primary.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

My First 5K Walk/Race - FitOne 2016

Saturday, September 24, 2016 I joined in a 5K race (walk) with FitOne - benefiting St. Luke's Children's hospital.
 Sondra, Mary Kay and Marilyn.

Mary Kay asked me if I wanted to join the team called The Clement's Girls. 

FitOne three courses take runners and walkers from the steps of the State Capitol in the heart of the city, along historic avenues and past favorite landmarks, to finish in Ann Morrison Park.

5K Family Run, Walk & Stroll
Run, walk and stroller divisions – first wave start at 9:30 a.m.
I was in the blue wave 5 K walking group.

10K Run/Walk
Corralled start by pace-per-mile – one start at 7:30 a.m.

Half Marathon
Corralled start by pace-per-mile – one start at 7:15 a.m.
 Sondra, Mary Kay, Susie (Mary Kay's childhood friend)
This was our before the race picture. 
 The FitOne logo for 2016.
 The starting line where all the action took place. The TV news stations and sponsors were there giving us words of encouragement. 

Kristin Armstrong (Olympic 3rd Gold Medalist)spoke to us and pumped us up for the race.

The Star Spangled Banner was beautifully sung by Ashlyn Allen. She is a Jr. High Princess. I was amazed at how well she did at such a young age!
 Here is a look at all the different waves of runners looking toward the Boise capital building. 
 A look down from the Train Depot at the flow of FitOne racers and walkers. 
 My FitOne T-Shirt and number badge. I completed the race in 50 minutes. My short legs had to work really hard to keep up with the taller long legged women of our team. 
 The photo after the race all sweaty and a read face from going as fast as I did. 

I really had such a great time and plan to join more 5K's in the future. I'd like to start wogging (jogging and walking) as I get stronger. I can do this and be healthy as I get older. 
 Team "Clement's Girls"!
At the end of the race we received this fun treat bag - minus a mini blueberry bagel that I ate. 
Time Chart - 48:23.6 minutes!

Weight Loss Journey Week 27 and 28

Weight loss for week 27: - .8 pounds
Weight loss for week 28: - 5.4 pounds

Week 27 started the fall biggest loser challenge. During that week something just clicked inside of me and all of a sudden I was very motivated to get moving on my journey. For months I've been doing the minimum requirement on eating the right thing and exercising. I decided it was time to step it up and move forward on getting this weight off. 

Week 28 - the 2nd week of our challenge and I was off doing all the right things and feeling great about it. 

One of my team mates posted mini challenges every day - along with the week 2 challenge to increase strength training. 

1st mini challenge was:
Spell your name, repeat 2 times: 

A = 50 jumping jacks 
B = 20 crunches 
C = 30 squats 
D = 15 push ups 
E = 1 min wall sit 
F = 10 burpees 
G = 20 sec arm circles 
H = 20 squats 
I = 30 jumping jacks 
J = 15 crunches 
K = 10 pushups 
L = 2 min wall sit 
M = 20 burpees 
N = 40 jumping jacks 
O = 25 burpees 
P = 15 sec arm circles 
Q = 30 crunches 
R = 15 pushups 
S = 30 burpees 
T = 15 squats 
U = 30 sec arm circles 
V = 3 min wall sit 
W = 20 burpees 
X = 60 jumping jacks 
Y = 10 crunches 
Z = 20 pushups

My response to the challenge was:
I'll TRY to do this Wednesday mini challenge. But it is making me about to cry. 

Here is what I'll have to do 2 times: If you were part of the summer challenge, you know how much I hate and can't do Jumping Jacks and Burpees from the drills. This might take me a few day. 

Not sure if I'll do my first and last name (the first number) or just my first name. Both numbers will require much from this old body. 

Burpees: 75               1st name 55 
Push ups: 60             1st name 30 
Jumping Jacks: 140  1st name 90 
Crunches: 10         1st name 0
I seriously hate burpees!! Just for my 1st name I would have to do 110 of these. That is such a joke. 
 My second response was throwing in the towel - but they told me to substitute Mountain Climbers instead. 
A mountain climber starts in a plank and you shuffle your feet back and forth like you are climbing. 

Here is what I said:

Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to finish my name (I'm only doing my first name). 

I can't do that many burpees. 

I have been working on the Jumping jacks 20 at a time and then rest - but I was able to get them done. 

I'm not strong enough to do burpees. I tried and sorta did 5 of them - but it's unrealistic for me to even think about 20 - not to mention 110 of them. I throw in the towel and admit I am not fit enough to do burpees - those evil things. 

S = 30 burpees / mountain climber   
O= 25 burpees / mountain climber  
N= 40 jumping jacks  
D=15 push ups  
R=15 push ups  
A= 50 jumping jacks  

Now I'm off to do my strength training and crunches. I still have to go on a walk and my 30 minutes on the bike. 

This challenge killed me - but I was able to complete it substituting the mountain climbers instead of burpees.

The next challenge was Friday, it looked easy until you see the last line that says to do it 7 times. 
I was successful in doing all 7 rounds!!

The weekend challenge:

So, I was thinking about what we should do. I found this dude who posts workout vids on YouTube and he seems to be popular. Let's try it, hmm? 

He shows modified versions of all or most moves it seems, so we should all be good to go. Let's give it our best shot! Take the breaks you need, modify where necessary. Just give it an honest try. 

My response to the challenge:
I skimmed through the challenge. YOW! Lots of bouncing - getting on the floor. . . . Those thing I hate - in a loving way. 

I'll try it this weekend and modify where possible. I like the little box on the corner with the modified moves - very handy. 

Thanks for the weekend challenge and whipping this dragon into shape! 

I did it at a low level - but kept moving the whole 30 minutes and sweated up a storm. I'm not used to doing exercise videos. 

Then the Tuesday challenge and the day before the weigh-in and the last day of week 2 is:

So, since strength training is the this week, we need to get those last minutes of ST! 

I will list ten choices for you. Pick 5 and do as many rounds as you can. Modify where needed and if necessary; switch them to something that works for you. The point is not to "win" over anyone here, but to train. Get stronger. Feel the satisfaction. Get healthier. Those are the goals, so make these moves work for you, OK? 

1. 50 crunches 
2. 20 push ups 
3. 20 burpees 
4. 50 squats 
5. 20 Bulgarian squats (ten on each leg) 
6. 20 lunges (ten on each leg) 
7. 20 windshield wipers (options: legs straight, bent or on an exercise ball) Here's a good tutorial: 
8. 15 standing dumbbell rows. 
9. 15 standing or seated dumbbell shoulder presses 
10. 20 bicep curls with dumbbells, band, or whatever you have at hand. 

I did it and here is my response:

OK, I can do 6 of these because they are in my regular ST training I've been doing this week. Glad it's something I can do. I need to mow the lawn first and then I'll get to it. I just returned home from a long day at work. Ready to get one more good work in before weigh in day. 

1. 50 crunches Done 4 x = 200 
2. 20 push ups Done 3 x = 60 
4. 50 squats Done 4 x = 200 
8. 15 standing dumbbell rows. Done 8 x = 120 
9. 15 standing or seated dumbbell shoulder presses Done 8 x = 120 
10. 20 bicep curls with dumbbells, band, or whatever you have at hand. Done 8 x = 120 

It was a great week! I came in at the top 3 in all areas of the challenge. I just need to do that every week!

Week 2 Dragon Report: 

Total Loss by Weight: - 31.5

Biggest Losers by Weight:

1st Place: Karen R - 6.6
2nd Place: Sondra - 5.4 
3rd Place: Charlotte - 4.2

Total Cardio Minutes: - 9720

Top 3 in Cardio:

1st Place: Sondra - 1988 
2nd Place: Carol (Red) - 1108
3rd Place: Karen - 991

Total Strength Training Minutes: - 3483 (thanks Min!!!)

Top 3 in ST:

1st Place: Karen - 350
2nd Place: Min - 335
3rd Place: Sondra - 276 

As a side note - I will probably be in the number 1 place for cardio all through the challenge because I am counting all the house cleaning I do daily in my business. 

Primary 4 Lesson 37

Primary 4 Manual
Lesson 37
Jesus Christ Teaches the Nephites to Pray

Suggested Home Reading
Suggest that the children study 3 Nephi 18:18–25 and Alma 13:28–29 at home as a review of this lesson.

Ideas from

Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings and He will direct thee for good.

Page 2 from the same link above:


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