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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kate is Baptised

Kate is eight years old already. These kids grow so fast, and I'm getting so old! This is the cute card announcing Kate's baptism into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 
 Could Kate be any cuter? I love the front of her Baptism announcement!
This is the back of her announcement.

Unfortunately I don't live in the same town as the Jolley family, so I didn't attend. 

Thank goodness for facebook and the photo's I can swipe from my loved ones. Yes, I'm really bad.
 Dawson, Zoey Michelle (my niece), Kate, Brandon and Faith
 Kate and her daddy Brandon
 I love these photos of Kate and her daddy. They turned out beautifully.
 Look at the love Kate has for her beloved daddy. This has to be my most favorite photo. Brandon is the best dad ever! 
And our beautiful, grown up Kate.

Congratulations Kate! I'm so proud of your decision to be baptised, washed clean and receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost. 

What an awesome day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

53rd Birthday, Man I'm getting old!

Happy Birthday to me! I can't believe I am this old! 53 years old. It just seems crazy that I'm really that old. 

About a month ago there was this huge wreck on the interstate shutting it down. The cause of the accident was a 52 year old woman. I rolled my eyes and said, "It figures it was a old person". Then I paused and said .... wait, that is how old I am. I just don't see myself as being old, but I know I am getting up there. ha ha ha
 I got a new purse and wallet. So cute, I just love them! 
 My Relief Society Presidency gave me this cute little package. Some bath stuff, a little note card, a magnet, along with a cute homemade box and card with nice notes. Such a thoughtful unexpected gift!
 Cindy and Kelli whom I served in YW Presidency with, gave me this fun gift with a couple of balloons (I didn't get a picture of). 2 delicious pars of Lindor Chocolate - Yum!
 Plus, this cute sock cupcake.
 Oh my goodness, so adorable and creative. Some of the things people make just blow my mind! So darling that I hate to even unwrap the sock and wear it. 
Jason and Sharon came over for Valentine's Day and we celebrated it and my birthday together since it's so close to the same date. 

Jason barbecued stakes, made garlic potatoes and asparagus. One of our favorite meals. I made homemade rolls too! We also had ice cream for dessert. It was delicious!
Plus Jason drew me this picture for me. I love homemade / drawn items the best. Thanks Jason for making my Valentine's Day and Birthday extra special. I'm glad he loves his momma! 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Heart Attack 2015

I was Heart Attacked again this year! I can't believe it! 

I sure feel loved when I get these kind of surprises. I am one lucky single sister in our ward. I think that is why they do it - because I am a single sister. 

Anyway here is what they did this year. 
 Whoever gave me a Heart Attack this year was quite clever. Using plastic forks and skewers with hearts attached and stuck in the lawn was amazing. Such a cute idea!

 I also loved the walkway scattered with hearts. Awe!
The door and the heart tree on the porch is too cute for words.

I feel loved! Thanks you sneaky people for spreading love my way!

Valentine Goodies 2015

Of course I needed to find a few ideas for Valentine's Day 2015, so I check out Pinterest of course. You can access my Valentine's Day board here. 
Sharon and Brady received the goodies above. 

 I tried not to duplicate the ideas from last year, but a few items made an appearance this year too. 
 Jason received the Valentine goodies above. 

Minion's made another appearance again this year, but as mini-candy bars instead of Twinkies that I gave them last year. 
I still used the same bag cover "You're One in a "Minion!" Happy Valentines Day tag from last year. It's the cutest one that I've found. 
 We love Gobstoppers! When I saw this free sign "You are Jaw-some" I knew I wanted to put them on a box of Jawbreakers - because we love them. 

 Whenever Brady and I go to the movie, he always gets Sour Brite Crawlers to snack on. When I saw the "Love Bugs" tag - I decided to add it to this. Although.... they are not actually bugs, it works for me. 

The round bottom tag for each of these kisses came from "The Idea Room" free printables from their facebook page. Once you like here facebook page, get all sorts of free printables - which I love!!

You really should have a 3/4" hole punch for this printable, but I don't have one and was too lazy to go to the store, so I sat and watched a movie and cut each one out. Yes, I'm crazy but it was free. I think they were just too cute to pass up.

 When I saw this tag "I'll Love You To The Moon and Back" I knew I needed to use it and thought attaching it to a Milky Way candy bar fit it perfectly. 

When I saw these cute Minecraft Valentine cards, I knew I needed to include them this year. If I had a boy in school, these would have been the cards/treat he gave out. This is my favorite new printable that I've found this year. I love it!

 I gave them Tic Tac's last year - but they were "Love Sick Pills" and "My Heart Tick's For You" labels. When I found "My Heart Beats Tic-Tock for You" I knew I needed to add Tic Tacs again. Plus, you MUST have kissable breath on Valentines Day!! 

 I didn't give them a huge chocolate heart box this year - chocolate is getting so expensive. So they just got a 4 piece chocolate heart.

But, then I also included this:
A chocolate Kiss for Jason.

A chocolate "The Perfect Man" for Sharon and Brady. I thought this was such a cute idea to add - so I did.

I absolutely LOVE spreading the love to my children. I know they enjoy my silly treats and feel loved - which is the most important thing! 

I love you, Jason, Sharon and Brady - to the Moon and back!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Blog Books

The last couple of years, I have been lagging behind on ordering my Blog Books. Finally I decided to get caught up and get them ordered. Yea!

Currently I have blog books from 2008 through 2014. 

That is 8 years of journals and scrapbooks! Best of all it was easy because all the information is on my blog. I absolutely love the memories my blog has given me, that is why I blog.

I need to get back to being consistent on my blogging. I've really procrastinated and haven't been very good at keeping it up to date. My goal for 2015 is to do a little better. My life isn't as fast paced now that I don't have children living here, but I still do quite a bit that I need to blog and preserve those memories. 
Here are the blog books I now have on hand!! It makes me so happy!

 The past few years I have opted for solid black books. I like how it looks on my book case better then all the different colors I started out with. 
I love my blog books and I love blogging for 8 years! Great memories captured! 


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