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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Brady's Halloween Package

It's holiday time and of course I need to send a care package to Brady.

I love decorating the box with scrapbook paper and pictures, trying to give it a Halloween look when Brady opens the box. 

I included a homemade card too - printing the "Happy Halloween" pictured front off of Internet pictures and including a personal note inside. Yup, so very frugal. 
 I decided to send a few decorations this year. He loved having some decorations last Christmas so I decided to send some for Halloween.
 A wreath hanger so Brady can hand the "Enter with Caution" sign on his front door. 
 A few tiny decorations. The skeleton has a tea light holder in the back. I bet it looks cool in the dark putting spooky shadows on the walls. Eeeeek! 
 I included the tea lights and a lighter.
 I didn't want to send too many big decorations because it's a small apartment. But I thought these were so cute!
"Happy Haunting" 
"Mummy loves you scary much"
I HAD to send a witch - they are my favorite!
 "You are wickedly welcome"
 I loved these spiders from Martha Stewart Craft that I found at Michael's. I hot glued magnets to the back. Here is a look of them on my front door - I also added them to my fridge, I thought Brady would love them too.
He also needed a little Trick or Treat candy!
 I also made him a bag of Monster Mix: (I found the free printables from "A Girl and Her Glue Gun" here:)
 Vampire Teeth = Almonds
Pumpkin Poop = Candy Corn
Ghost Poop = Marshmallows
Goblin Teeth = Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal
Bat Poop = Tootsie Roll
Spider legs = Pretzels
Witch Warts = Raisins
Zombie Eyes = Gummy Lifesavers
 Hot Chocolate, for nice cool fall days and he can use the marshmallows in a cup of hot chocolate.
I also love the spicy flavor of Orange Cinnamon Spice herbal tea. 
Both of these items feel like a great fall treat to warm you up. 

Happy Halloween Brady!
I miss you "Scary" much and your "Mummy" loves you!

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