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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Brady's Zelda Navi Oreo Pops - Nerdy Nummies

Brady is making Nerdy Nummies again!!! I sure love his creativity!
Legend of Zelda Navi Oreos Pops!
Brady said: Can I just say that I hate working with melted chocolate. 
The wings kept breaking and making me sad, but we learn.
Some Facebook Comments:

Connor S: Next thing you know you'll be on one of those TV shows on food network where they make chocolate art competitively.

Brady: I'd rather die than being filmed on national television working with liquid chocolate.

Taylor S: Ahh I saw those on Rosanna Pansino YouTube site and they are so cute!!

Brady: Yup! I didn't do mine out of vanilla wafers though, I did the Baymax oreo idea combined with the Navi one.

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