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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Richard's Visit Equals Staycation Part 5

Here is Part 5 and the final blog of my visit with my brother Richard and his family, Rhonda, Tymber and Hope and my staycation.

 Richard had a rough night because of all the exertion on his back while we were at Wahooz the previous day. He was sick from the extra pain pills he took and ended up spending the day in bed. However it was worth a miserable day in bed when he was able to play all day with his family. He hasn't been able to play for such a long time - that it was totally worth a day in bed after playing so hard. I'm sad that he has been in such pain for such a long time, but he is finally recovering and now has a life worth living - now that the pain is starting to heal because he's had his back surgery.

It's been so much fun all week to have them here for a visit. I've enjoyed each minute of it. I've worked each morning and we've played every afternoon.

When I arrived home early on Thursday because my afternoon customer canceled, the girls were getting ready to go to the Boise Mall. When I told them I wanted to come, they were surprised because I absolutely hate shopping - especially at the mall. 

However, I wanted to spend as much time with them as I could. Tymber wanted to get some t-shirts from Hot Topic and that was the main reason we headed to the mall.
The mall was quiet and not too many people there. We were able to get some great deals. Rhonda is starting a new job when she returns home and needed some professional clothes. She found some things she liked at some great prices. Tymber found some fun t-shirts and a super cute jacket and jeans (jeans were only $5 - super deal). 

We also had to get some Pretzels while we were there. It's not a mall visit with a hot pretzel. 
At the end of the shopping trip we went to Build A Bear. Hope got a new bear, this time she decided to get a boy bear she called Kernel (yes, she spelled it like pop corn kernel instead of colonel).
That evening we decided to go to a free concert at Julius M. Kleiner park by The Village in Meridian.
Kleiner park has a nice band shell at the bottom of a hill. (This is a photo from their website showing what it looks like).

There were a lot of families that brought picnic dinners to enjoy during the concert. There were booths and a bouncy house. It was a fun family event that was free - our favorite kind.
The band scheduled to play that night was "Sweet Briar" a country music band. There were 4 people in the band and each of them sang songs - even the drummer. It was interesting to have everyone sing and give a different sound to each song. 

They were an OK band for free. We didn't completely enjoy their music. Tymber and Hope left and went and played in the play and water areas. During their break we decided to leave and go to The Village and get some frozen yogurt. 
Hope enjoying her frozen Yogurt. 

After getting our frozen yogurt we found a nice empty couch to sit and visit. The weather was beautiful and the fountains were fun to watch. 
Tymber enjoying hers.
While we were there we enjoyed another show from the fountains. 
The water danced to "JUMP" from Van Halen. 

Tymber had to record it, which is great because now I can share it! There are some loud crazy screaming kids - that were quite annoying as we enjoyed the show as you can hear on the video. 

It was a fun day shopping, going to the park for a free concert and enjoying The Village!

Friday after I arrived home from work, they were ready to go to a movie "Inside Out"
This is was a cute movie. I absolutely loved it and cried like a baby through the journey. It's a must see and own. LOVED IT!!!

That evening we barbecued steaks, corn on the cob, garlic potatoes and watermelon. We watch "Home" - which was OK, but not as cute as Inside Out.  
As all things have to end, they left Saturday afternoon.

It was an awesome visit with my brother and his family. I felt like I had a vacation too. We did so many free activities which made it budget friendly too. 

It was sad when they loaded up their car and drove away. But I was so grateful they spent their vacation visiting me. I love them so much and enjoyed every minute we had together. And the best part is that they are family so I'll see them again soon! We missed having Autumn and Brady with us that week - now that they've grown up and have a life of their own. 

Thanks for coming!!! I loved every minute!

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