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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Rain, Beautiful Rain!

Rain, beautiful rain!!! After so many days of 100 degrees, it's a welcomed sight! Plus, it smells so good. It's 66 degrees and my air conditioner is turned off. My windows are open and I'm letting all that fresh air in. LOVE this beautiful rain!
My back yard soaking up all that beautiful rain!

Boise had 1.22 inches of much needed rain from one storm. It is quite unusual for Idaho to get that much rain at one time and we loved it!

I didn't have any flooding in my neighborhood, but these pictures from other parts in Boise that did have some flooding. They are quite funny and I'd thought I'd share them. They all came from KTVB website of people sharing their photos. Enjoying the beautiful rain!

 It reminds me of when I was a young girl and the rain wouldn't go down the gutter drain, so all of us kids would play in the rain puddles. I love it that some kids do the same things now and are pulled away from electronics - ha ha ha!

Idaho loved getting all that rain!

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Jason and Michelle said...

Wow that's amazing, especially this time of year.


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