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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My June Financial Wins

Extra Customer Cleanings in June: $550
I was asked by one of my customers if I had time to clean their parents home for an open house. The house sold the night I finished my cleaning when their house smelled so good. They also hired me to do a move out clean - quick sale! Both cleanings within a month. Yay for extra income. 

My blog adsense payment for June was: $173.58 (a 2 month earnings)
Thanks to everyone who clicked on an ad. It's great to make some money from my blog. As you know, I'd love my blog make money for me when I retire - that is a long term goal as I don't plan to retire for 15 years. However, as soon as I become debt free, the money earned from my blog will go directly into a retirement account. 

Swagbucks total: 10,856 which equals $108.56 
In June I was very dedicated in reaching my daily goals. I doubled my grand total from around 5,000 at the end of May to over 10,000 at the end of June. I'm on a roll and am going to keep it up. My goal is to get $5000 swagbucks each month which equals $50 toward Christmas free money. I'd love to have $400 free dollars to spend. I know I can do it by working on swagbucks when I have time.  

In June I completely paid off a credit card. I only have 1 left to pay off and it will be paid off by July 15th (maybe sooner). Then I will be DEBT FREE, except for my house. It's been so exciting to get this far toward becoming debt free. After everything is paid off, I will be saving like crazy to get my roof re-shingled this fall. Of course my goal is to pay cash for a new roof. Hopefully I can do it!

It will be so nice when all the income I earn from work will be mine to save, enjoy and live. I don't want to ever get into debt again. I'll be free! Woo Hoo! 

It's been a long journey to become debt free. I wish I would have achieved it when I was younger and was wiser before going into debt in the first place. But, I can't go back - I can just move forward and teach my children and others that not being in debt is a better life. 

Now my life can change and the future is looking mighty fine! 

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