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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July

I hope you have a fun and safe day.

It's been very hot in Idaho the past few weeks over 100 degrees in the last 10 days. Everything is very dry and we have been asked to be careful with fireworks. 

Please do not use illegal fireworks this year that explode in the air and possibly cause a devastating fire. Instead, please go and enjoy the many firework displays that your city performs today.

Absolutely NO fireworks on public lands such as when you are in our beautiful forests camping. 

Enjoy the day, but please be safe and keep your neighbors safe.

I love to always show how much I love this great country by flying a US flag and changing my house decorations to Red, White and Blue.
I hope you enjoy a safe day!

I ended up working a special move out clean on Friday and Saturday the 4th. I was quite tired after working all day and didn't plan on doing anything big.

My daughter in law, Sharon called and said she was on her way over to watch the fireworks. Jason would be coming over after he got off work. While Sharon and I were visiting in my back yard and waiting for Jason, the fireworks had started at Meridian Speedway. We were able to sit and watch most of it from my back yard, but would have liked to been in the park right under them.

Jason never did make it - but I'm glad Sharon came and we saw them from my back yard. This year the 4th was very low key and quiet. At least we were able to enjoy the firework display. 

As a side note, recently some new neighbors moved in across the street from me. They were out doing fireworks late into the night. It was after 2 am when they settled down. Sometimes I wonder about people who have no concern for their neighbors. It wasn't a very good impression that they gave us to being good neighbors. It will be interesting and hopefully they won't bring bad things to my neighborhood. 

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