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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Rare Day Off

Today I had a rare day off. The customer I had scheduled to clean today canceled because they just got back from vacation.

My cleaning policy that is on my quote for business and I always make sure my customers understand that even if you cancel, I still need to be paid. 

This is what the clause on my quote says: "Because this is my livelihood, cancellations need to be paid. I will try to switch your cleaning as needed, but I require payment on a cleaning that is canceled. If I cancel, I will waive the payment. However, I always try to reschedule. 

So, today was a paid day off and I really needed it to get some things done. Last Friday and Saturday I did the move out clean which is really labor intensive and I was completely exhausted from all that work. Sunday ended up being a Sunday nap / lazy day to recuperate. Monday I cleaned 2 houses and a business that evening. 

This morning when I received the text that I didn't need to clean today I was so happy. I stayed in bed a little longer for some much needed sleep. Then I worked in the yard pulling weeds and trimmed and mowed my lawn.

I normally mow my lawn on Tuesdays after I get home from work because Wednesday is my garbage day. I hate having the grass sit in my garbage longer than that. 
 My flower beds are looking beautiful! Everything is growing and it looks so great with the daisies blooming. My red, white and blue garden. 
My berm along the side of my house is looking awesome too. It's the best it has looked for a few years. I am so happy that I decided to put geraniums in the berm this year. This spring I took out a lot of perennials that had expanded and kept the middle and side for annuals this year. I'm really happy with the results.  

 I've needed an oil change in my car and after I showered I went and got that done. It ended up being and expensive trip because my battery was on it's way out and I had them replace it while I was there. My oil change ended up costing $180. Yikes, but at least it's done and I had the money available in my emergency/savings fund. 

I can't stress enough how much an emergency fund has saved me. Dave Ramsey Money Makeover steps have helped me so much with getting my finances in order. Money and emergency stress are a thing of the past and it has made life much easier and lots less stressful. 
 I wanted to get my freezer full of cookies for company that is coming next week, but I ran out of vanilla extract after 1 batch of chocolate chip cookies. I couldn't believe I ran out of something in my food storage. I looked and looked everywhere thinking I had some extra on hand. But, I'm out which is just a crazy thing for me. 
I also made some spaghetti sauce to put in the freezer because I was out and made 2 loaves of bread. 

Of course I did a few batches of laundry to dry on the line outside. 

It was a productive, rare, paid day off. It makes me happy. Now I need a nap - just kidding. Yea me for having some extra time in my busy life. 

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Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Your yard is amazing.
You should be proud of it.

Congrats on having a day off. You totally deserve it.


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