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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Meridian Temple Update

I've been meaning to post pictures of the Meridian Idaho Temple progress.

Here is a look at the foundation.
"We continue to build temples. We desire that as many members as possible have an opportunity to attend the temple without having to travel inordinate distances." ---Thomas S. Monson

 "As we touch the temple and love the temple, our lives will reflect our faith. As we go to the holy house, as we remember the covenants we make therein, we will be able to bear every trial and overcome each temptation." ---Thomas S. Monson
 "The temple is a point of intersection between heaven and earth. in this sacred place, holy work will be performed through selfless service and love. The temple reminds me of all that is good and beautiful in the world." ---David A. Bednar
 "Everything that occurs in the temple is uplifting and ennobling. It speaks of life here and life beyond the grave. It speaks of the importance of the individual as a child of God. It speaks of the importance of the family and the eternity of the marriage relationship."  ---Gordon B. Hinckley
 Below: On June 2nd an eight-sided dome was placed on top of the temple. In coming weeks, a gilded statue of the Angle Moroni will be placed atop the edifice. That will be exciting!!
"To you who are worthy and able to attend the temple, I would admonish you to go often. The temple is a place where we can find peace. There we received a renewed dedication to the gospel and a strengthened resolve to keep the commandments." ---Thomas S. Monson
 "There is a difference in just attending the temple and having a rich spiritual experience. The real blessings of the temple comes as we enhance our temple experience. To do so, we must feel a spirit of reverence for the temple and a spirit of worship." ---L. Lionel Kendrick

  Robert Mortensen shared the photo below which shows an up close view of the precast concrete now going up on the temple.
"Within the sound of my voice are many young women, young men, and children. I plead with you to be worthy, to be steadfast, and to look forward with great anticipation to the day you will receive the ordinances and blessings of the temple."  ---- David A. Bednar
The temple is going to be so beautiful when it is finished! The progress is fun to watch. 

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Valerie said...

So exciting! The Payson temple just opened after my girls were in the big cultural celebration and we got to attend the dedication. It's very memorable to have a new temple close to home.


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