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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Meridian Idaho Dairy Days Parade 2015

Friday, June 19, 2015 I watched the Meridian Dairy Days Parade. It is a different experience to go the the parade without any children - or even my small children. Life changes as you get older, but I still love to go to a parade, not to mention it is 2 blocks away from my house and in walking distance. 

In past years this has been one of the highlights of Meridian. During the Diary Days Parade in past years they give Chocolate Milk at the beginning, Cheese Strings in the middle and a cup of Ice Cream at the end. 
I stayed for 1 hour and 10 minutes before I was too hot and bored and left and they didn't give out any dairy products. I wonder and hope they waited until the end of the parade, because it would be a complete disappointment to all the parade attendees to not get a beloved dairy treat.  

Here are some fun photos I did take while I watched the parade, enjoy!
 There were girls dancing.
 A few floats.
 All themed around Dairy products.

 Church of the Warm Heart.

This Treasure Valley Drill Team brought back LOTS of memories. You just don't see drill teams with the clicking marching boots like I had when I was young. The uniforms, the boots, all of it reminded of my time marching in parades. I really enjoyed these girls marching along with the click of their boots. 
 I did get a bottle of water this float handed out with a scripture message wrapped around it. Cute and practical idea. 
 Snake River Stampede stage coach. 
Loved this tow truck message: "Texting and Driving is Udderly Foolish"
 I really enjoyed this float drumming on garbage cans. It was fun!
 Inner Diva. I thought this new Meridian store was for children's party playing a diva. But seeing the float, it's a dance exercise and belly dancing place to enjoy your "Inner Diva". 
 Meridian Library mobil bus cow.

 Meridian High School Cheer Squad... Rah Rah Meridian High School!!! Go Warriors. 

 The thing I loved about the Johns Discount Fireworks was that they were playing "Firework" by Katy Perry. Great song for a fireworks store. 
Oh my goodness, I had to post a picture of this old Idaho Power truck. My dad worked for Idaho Power and this also brought back a ton of memories of a truck similar to this sitting in our driveway when I was a young girl. 

Awe, I loved the little electric man on the side of the truck. This is Idaho Power to me. 
I have to complain a little. See this stupid middle of the road divider/flower display. They just put this in during the past couple of months. STUPIDEST thing ever! Way to go Meridian Mayer Tammy de Weerd and City Councilmen - this sure ruined the flow of the parade down main street.

I kept seeing these big trucks moving all the way over to the side of the road trying to get around these stupid dividers. As you can see in the photo above - the tractors are on each side of this stupid divider. That meant that each side of the road didn't see the same up close parade as the other. Meridian Council members have ruined the parade route by placing the unnecessary road dividers in our small town. I think they put them there for decoration, because we are too small to have any safety concerns down main street. 

Just shaking my head at this!

ANYWAY, I'm glad I went to the parade. It seems to be getting less and less kid friendly. Not too many candy was thrown and things the kids love. Lots of vehicles and a few floats. 

I miss all the dairy through the parade, the free t-shirts and a bag full of candy. However, I'm glad they are keeping the Dairy Day Parade tradition alive. Although I've said it before and will say it again, I think it's always so weird that they hold it on a big travel weekend like Father's Day weekend EVERY YEAR. They need to change that to adhere to more of the residents schedules and not a big travel weekend. 

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