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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Garden Update

Peas before
Peas after. Growing so tall that they have fallen over in some of the pots.  My flower pots are growing as well. 
Best of all, they have blossoms! Waiting, waiting for yummy peas!
I've taken the plastic off of these tomatoes. They are growing strong and getting bigger every day and are doing great!!!  These tomato plants were started by seed in my house on April 9th here: 
I have 3 more tomato plants planted in this corner of my yard. I'll keep the plastic on for another week or so. 
Zucchini plant is growing too.
Unfortunately the crookneck died.
Instead of planting another one I planted bush beans there last weekend.
I have not planted any carrots because I have been too lazy to go to the store and get them. Hopefully I'll get some planted this weekend. 

I also have some cucumber seeds planted in the berm above too.

I decided to make this berm that usually just has flowers in it - a vegetable garden. There will still be flowers here and there, but lots of vegetables too. I'm sure it will look lovely.

If you haven't noticed, I plant my vegetables within my flowers or in pots throughout my yard because I don't have a dedicated garden space - only spaces that were meant for flowers. This is how I work with what I have. 

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