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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Blooms, Pods and weeds!

I have blooms or flowers. Yay! 

 I have Pea Pods too! 
 Green Beans are growing, slowly because I planted them so late. 
 Along with gardening comes weeds. They grow faster then flowers. 

I've been so embarrassed that my berm in the front of my house has been covered in weeds. It's just been so hot that I haven't wanted to spend the time weeding. 

This is the edge by the side walk that people see as they walk by. It's completely covered in weeds. Yuck!
 I finally took the time to tackle those darn weeds and once again you can focus on the beautiful flowers! Aaaaaah, it's so nice when it has been weeded and looks awesome once again. 
It makes me happy!

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