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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Planting Flowers Before it Rains!

I have been working really hard in my yard for the past few weeks when I'm not working or reading. 
The forecast for Boise Idaho is rain, rain, rain!
I decided to put as much effort into getting as many flower planted before it rains for the next 7 days. 

I am happy to say that the front of my berm is planted!!!! Yea me!
 My poor berm was just a mess because I've kind of let it go wild with natural seeding for the past few years. Unfortunately I had a ton of grass all over. That meant I had to dig it all by hand to get rid of the weeds and the seedlings that came from the flowers last year. 

The middle is planted with the 75 cent geraniums that I purchase from Fred Meyers during their Fuchsia and Geranium sale about a month ago. They grow so big in just a months time and look wonderful and some are even blooming. 

This week at Fred Meyers is their Founders Day sale and the flats of annuals are only $10.99. These are the sales I always purchase because they are the best deals. 

I'm so happy to have at least the front of my berm planted before the rain comes!! 
The back patio has my pots of peas and they are growing really well. I also have a few pots of flowers planted too. 
 The Fuchsia baskets were also on sale for $19.99 each and I splurged for a Mother's Day gift for myself. I never purchase big plants like this - I usually only plant regular flowers and let them grow all summer long. But I kind of spoiled myself this year. 

I still have 3 flats of geraniums to plant in the rest of my berm after the rain stops.  
I also have planted 4 of my tomato plants I started by seed. I wrap plastic around the cages to protect them until they get a little bigger. I decided to plant them by the patio again this year because the sun shines bright here. 

Last year my tomato plants didn't produce any tomatoes - they had the disease that makes the flowers drop off and never produce any tomatoes. It was so sad. I'm down to 6 quarts of tomatoes in my food storage, so I really really hope they give me lots to can. I love canned tomatoes - they taste so much better than what you can purchase at the store. It makes my spaghetti sauce, soups and chili yummy. I love home grown veggies!!

I also have my zucchini and crookneck squash planted, but not pictured. I'll post one when they get a little bigger and you can actually see the plants in the photo. 

I am really happy I've been able to get as much done as I have in my yard before the rain comes.

I guess I'll be buried in a book for at least 7 days - which I love! 

I hope you are enjoying your springtime weather and getting your flowers and garden planted too!  

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Zoey said...

What are we going to do with all this rain?


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