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Saturday, May 16, 2015

My Rainy Day Becomes A Cooking Day

My freezer has been out of cookies for a couple of weeks .... I hate that!

I usually always have cookies in the freezer because when I am out of snacks I feel like I have to go to the store. I know it's silly, but that's me. 

I like having a cookie with a bag of cut up fruit in my work cooler to tide me over between cleaning houses. While I drive to the next house I snack to get energy to clean the next house. I figure a cookie is like having a store purchased granola bar or snack. I don't purchase snacks when I can make cookies and other snacks at a cheaper price than a box of 6 granola bars for a few dollars. I can't justify spending money on snacks when it cheaper to make some homemade snacks.  

I never take a lunch because I'm not hungry for a sandwich and I don't do fast food while I'm out working. Why spend my hard earned money faster then I make it by purchasing fast food ... I can't do it. Fruit doesn't fill me up without a little carbs/cookie for the energy to clean the next house. 

I don't like to arrive home starving or weak. If I do, then I don't have the energy or patience to make a good meal. I'll end up snacking on junk when I'm starving. 

So, my freezer always has cookies in it so I can pull a bag out every few of days and they are fresh. It really saves me money. 
 Since it was a cold blustery rainy day today, I decided to fill my freezer with cookies again. This should last me more than a month.
Today I made 

I split the Mrs. Fields chocolate chip dough and add chocolate chips in one half and butterscotch chips in the other half of the dough. I like having a variety of cookies and not the same old thing day after day. 

Now my freezer is stocked again! Yea! This is also how I have snacks as an empty nester by dividing and freezing a batch of cookies. It keeps them fresher for a longer period of time since it's just me. 

Also, if I have to prepare a meal for someone sick, I can pull out a couple of bags of cookies to send along with the meal. It's a time saver. 
I also made Creamy Potato Broccoli Soup. I try to make a pot of soup on the weekends for easy meals during the week day.

When I do these things ... keep my freezer full of cookies and make a pot of soup, I don't go to the store as often or feel the need to go out to dinner, because I have prepared food available all the time for quick meals. 

Currently in my freezer I have:
Taco meat

All these items are stored in freezer bags that I can pull out and microwave to defrost and have an easy meal. 

It helps me stay frugal on my food budget. I find that is one of the big expense items on my budget that I can reduce by cooking and eating at home. 

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