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Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Dean's List Son

Once again Brady is on the Dean's List. He has consistently been on the Dean's list throughout his college years! He is such a smart kid. I also have to say that not only does he go to school full time, but he also works full time job too! This is the way to do it and not get yourself in debt for a college education! He inspires me everyday with his ambition! He will certainly go far in life! 

This is what he posted on facebook: I astound myself yet again. It turns out that I do very well at this thing called college. I never push myself to get on the Dean's List, and every semester I feel like I'm doing incredibly average that I'm almost positive that this is the semester I don't make it. Then after everything is finally graded, I'm amazed at how well I did. Looks like I'm still going to be a Dean's List kid. Cheers to another surprisingly successful semester.

This is the official letter from University of Utah!!

Congratulations for making the Dean’s List for Spring Semester, 2015.
Final grade submissions are now in and our records show that you earned at least a 3.5 GPA on at least 12 graded credit hours for this semester.  These are the criteria for Dean’s List designation and this will be shown on your official University transcript.
Best wishes for continued success as you pursue your degree at the University of Utah.

Scholastic Standards Team
University College Advising

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