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Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend 2015

 I had a lovely Mother's Day weekend. Saturday we went to The Village in Meridian to watch The Avengers new movie.

Jason and Sharon brought me some Ferrero Rocher chocolates and a beautiful card. 
I had to sneak one picture of Sharon and Jason while we were at The Village. It was a beautiful day!
 Jason is playing a game on his phone .... typical. 

I was actually on the phone speaking with Brady while we were hanging out around the fountains. It was wonderful speaking with Brady .. I miss him a lot. He's finished with school for the summer. He's going to keep his current work schedule that he had last semester where he worked 3 ten hour shifts over the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). That way he had 4 days off for school. Now he has 4 days with nothing to do... which is great that he can have some break. He's been going strong for several years without any days off between school and work. I hope he enjoys these few months until next semester starts up again in the fall. 

The card was beautiful .... I sure love my kids. 
We see your love, Mom ...

In the wisdom you share,
In the deep way you care, 
In the time you commit,
In your humor and wit.
In the sweet things you do,
In your help all year though,
In the gifts that you give,
In the way that you live.

Your love shows in everything you do.
And we hope you can tell how grateful
we are for your love -- and for you.

Happy Mother's Day

Thank you Sondra
For all you do. Be it help or just words of wisdom
I am beyond blessed to have you in my life and find a love as pure as any Mother.
I don't say it enough but, I love you!
Happy Mother's Day

I think I have the best daughter in law in the world ... or I should just say daughter because that is what I truly feel she is. 
 We went to the new Avengers, Age of Ultron movie. We enjoyed the giant screen at The Village theater. The movie was great! We loved it! 
 Even though Ultron was evil I enjoyed his personality and features for a robot. It was great!
Played by: James Spader
I absolutely LOVE this new character they introduced in the movie: Vision. 
Played by: Paul Bettany

We loved this finish or number 3 of the Avengers movies. I hope we get 3 of Vision. I don't know where the Avengers will go from here. I know that Robert Downey Jr. doesn't want to be Iron Man anymore and it looks like the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) could be leaving too.

I loved the romance stuff that came out in the movie.

Plus, there was a lot of humor that we loved! 

It was a great movie!!

We also went to dinner at a El Tempe in Meridian. It was such a fun weekend. 

Thanks Jason, Sharon and Brady, it was a lovely Mother's Day. The best part is having amazing children like all of you. You bring me more happiness than I ever imagined. Thanks for all the love and the fun we have together or just chatting on the phone or even texting. You always bring a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. Love you bunches! From the luckiest mom ever!

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