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Monday, April 6, 2015

What April 6th Means To Me

What happened to me 22 years ago on this day, April 6th?
I entered the Salt Lake Temple and received my endowments and was married. 

I was quickly married after my engagement because Morris (who goes by Maurice) wanted to be married on April 6th. We only had a 2 week engagement - which is just crazy and probably why my marriage didn't last. It was so fast that I really didn't know the man I married. At age 31, I just really wanted to be married and was naive enough to think that no matter what you can always make a marriage work. 

April 6, 1993 was also the Salt Lake Temp's 100 year anniversary. The temple was complete slammed with weddings. There were so many weddings that I didn't even get to be in the Brides room. I had to change in the locker room - it was so sad!!!!

Here are some of the reasons that my fiance wanted to be married on April 6th (other then it was the 100th anniversary): 

It is a significant day in the history of the LDS church. These are some of the things that have occurred on April 6th in our church history:

1830 - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was officially organized by Joseph Smith in the Peter Whitmer home.

1877 - The St. George Utah Temple was dedicated. It was the first temple the Saints built in Utah and the first to remain in continuous operation.

1893 - The Salt Lake Temple was dedicated. It is the most well known of LDS temples and has become a symbol of the church.

2000 - The Palmyra New York Temple was dedicated.

Also, scholars have mostly speculated that Christ was born in the spring, because of descriptive elements in the scriptural record. The apostle Paul called Christ the Passover, and Jesus' birth as the Lamb of God fills that image. He was born on Passover, early April, and was crucified on Passover. 

The significance of the date lies in the fact that Joseph Smith revealed April 6th to be the actual date of Christ's birth. December 25th began to celebrate as Christ's birthday sometime around the third century, partly because it marked the winter solstice on the Roman Calendar. 

Here are some of my wedding pictures. 

 Jason my son who I had while I was a single woman was 9 years old and was sealed to us during our marriage. 
I was divorced on January 31, 1997. My marriage didn't last long.

It's been really funny to bring up my temple marriage around anyone at church. They always become really quiet like it's a taboo topic to bring up because I was divorce.

I'm sorry, but this is my history. I'm not ashamed of being married in the temple. It was a beautiful day! It was a beautiful memory. I have my temple endowments and my children are sealed to me. 

It's really OK to talk about someones temple marriage even though they are divorced. So, please don't worry about it or make someone feel weird whose been divorced. It's still a beautiful thing to have happened and a great memory. 

Plus, not to mention that we had a wonderful son - Brady!

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