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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ways I Make Extra Money - Swagbucks

Swagbucks - an easy way to earn money.
I've had a Swagbucks account for a while now, but never knew how to use it and make money.
It just sat there unused and I never utilized the money making potential it had.

That was until I saw a tutorial on what to do daily to earn Swagbucks.
If you click HERE, you can see a Homepage Walk through - great tutorial! 

This video is helpful to know what is a Swag Buck.

I've earned $170 in Amazon gift cards so far in 2015. WOW!! It's easy and a real way to earn extra cash. I prefer Amazon gift cards, because I do a lot of shopping on Amazon. 

With my Amazon money, I use it to help my budget to purchase no-perishable grocery items, Some of the items I've gotten for free via Swagbuck money are:
 paper towels, shampoo, lotion, toothbrushes, make up etc.
It's really helped my budget to have free money for every day items I use instead of giving up the money I have in my purse or budgeted for groceries.

Once you earn Swagbucks you turn those points into gift cards:
To name a few.

My first gift card I redeemed my points on was for a Visa. It's a virtual Visa, you don't get an actual card. They give you a virtual card number, date and code to use it on line. However, I couldn't purchase anything with it because most on-line stores only let you put in 1 credit card number. There isn't anything I could purchase for the exact amount of $25 and it kept getting declined at checkouts. For me, it was unusable. 

I ended up purchasing $25 Amazon gift cards with the VISA, so that I could use it. 

I love the Swagbuck program and find it easy to use and an easy way to earn money.
 Everyday I always complete the 4 main "to-do list" on the front page: Daily Crave, Swag Button (just logging on everyday you earn a point), Daily Poll and NOSO - No Obligation Special Offer. These 4 items equal 5 Swagbuck points. My personal goal is to try and get 30+ points per day.

When I'm online I always have an extra window open playing Swagbuck videos in the background:
entertainment news
music videos
movie trailers
health news
food recipes
home and garden
 I always have a window open playing videos while I'm working on-line or searching.
For ever 10 videos you earn 3 Swagbucks. It doesn't seem like a lot of Swagbucks, but it adds up fast. 

You earn points for searching the web - so all my searches are through Swagbucks.
Everytime I purchase ANYTHING on-line I go through the Swagbucks shopping system and earn points for every purchase I make. This one thing is a HUGE money maker - like cash back on every purchase you make. Unfortunately I didn't take full advantage of this while Christmas shopping.

Taking surveys is a huge way to make lots of points. Although it can get frustrating when you don't qualify to take the survey. Especially after spending time answering questions and when you don't answer a question they way then want you to - they disqualify you. Some of the length of time to take a survey can be as long as 30 minutes - which feels like forever. If I'm bored and don't have anything pressing to do I usually spend my time taking a survey to earn extra points which equals money!

I love swagbucks and encourage you to join to make real money. If you are a member already I encourage you to not let another day go by when you don't have it working for you while you are on-line anyway. 

If you are not a member already, please use "happycleanliving" as a referral, because I'll earn points from that too. And when you refer someone, you'll earn points too.

Swagbucks ..... the REAL way to make money on-line. It's not a scam. 

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