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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Flowers 2015

I love spring, but I love spring flowers more! Here is a look around my home and the beauty I see everyday. I'm a lucky girl.
 Driving up my street you see this bright colored house. 
 Yes, I have a fun Easter house. I will always decorate my house for each holiday, even though I don't have any kids at home. I always did it for me anyway and always will. I love decorating for each season too much to stop now that I'm older and an empty nester. 
 A couple of years ago, my neighbor asked me if I wanted some plants from her yard because she was taking out her grass and putting in a rock lawn for less maintenance. 

I said sure, I'd love anything you want to get rid of. She gave me lots of Hyacinth bulbs and they now line the front of my house. I need to get some pink bulbs planted by them to bring out the purple. The purple flowers kind of get lost in the shade. Unfortunately the front of my house never gets much sun. 
 This year I decided to plant real flowers in my two pots that line the walkway to my front door. I planted them with Primrose. I always think of the Hunger Games when I think of the name Primrose. 

I've always put fake tulips in these pots, but decided I didn't want fake anymore - I wanted real flowers. Here is a look at previous years fake tulips here.

I also planted some Pansies. I love these cold weather flowers. 
 My tulips really look beautiful this year in my berm. So much better then nothing until it warms up. You can see my flowering "Popcorn" tree in the middle of my berm. 
 In my back yard I have a huge Bleeding Heart plant. I have a couple in my berm, but they are smaller. 
 My lilac bush has been flowering too. Every time I go outside I breath deeply to enjoy the beautiful smell of lilac in the air. Mmmmmm, totally love it!

I love spring, spring flowers, spring air full of flowering smells. I love everything coming to life! It's one of my favorite times of the year - the others are summer, fall and winter.  ha ha ha! I loving living in a place with 4 seasons so that I can enjoy the beauty it always brings. We live in such beautiful if we pause and take a look.

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