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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cleaning: Stove Burner Pans and Cookies Sheets

If you are a Pinterest user you've probably seen a lot of "cleaning tricks" to clean a cookie sheet.

The trick I've seen most often is to use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. 
 Every time I see these types of "cleaning tricks" is just roll my eyes. They use the most time consuming tricks that also need a lot of elbow grease / scrubbing to get it clean.

I never let my cookie sheets get this bad because I clean it sparkling clean every time there is burned on oil/food. 

Unfortunately my cookies sheets never are bad, so I don't have one to show you how to clean a dirty cookie sheet but I can explain it. 

All you need is an SOS pad. That is what they are made for. 

It makes me laugh that the younger generation hasn't been taught basic easy cleaning with products that have been on the market FOREVER. 

These are the times I feel my age when I see silly "cleaning tricks" on Pinterest. 
 This is an SOS pad. It has soap in it - so all you need is water and an SOS Pad. 

I cook a lot so my stove burner pads get cooked on spillage all the time. Here are a couple of my stove burner pad to show you how bad they get.
 An up close look. 
 Wet the SOS pad with water.
 Start scrubbing away. It really is a gentle clean and an easy way to clean metal pans AND cookie sheets. 
 After a FEW MINUTES the pan is clean, rinse and dry and see the shine again.
 It really is such an easy way to clean. Please don't spend your time using silly "cleaning tricks" when there has been an easy solution out there for FAST cleaning (since I was a little girl and I'm about as old as dirt - LOL!). 
Ahhhh ... beautiful and shining stove again.

Your cookie sheets will be beautiful and shining too in a few minutes. Try it, you will never use these silly Pinterest "cleaning tricks" again.

The miracle of an SOS pad. 


Valerie said...

I have a cookie sheet that isn't too bad, but I'm sure would drive you crazy. :) Thanks so much for the lesson. Now those are on my shopping list!

Alex Burke said...

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