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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mopping Your Floor

One of my customers recently moved to a new house. Today was the first clean I did in this new house. They originally wanted me to do the final clean after the previous owners moved out. However, they found out that the previous owners were going to have it professionally cleaned by some other service before they closed on the house. 

The "Professionally Cleaning People" the previous owners used seriously don't know how to mop a floor, and the previous owners probably didn't either. The final clean was 12 days ago and the hardwood floors made my mop water - MUD!

I've been cleaning this customer for quite a long time and I understand that they moved their stuff in, but seriously .... there is NO way they made those floors that dirty. It's going to take me a few cleanings to get the mop water from turning from MUD to clean water! So dirty! I had to change the water in my mop bucket 3 times and every time it became black mud water again. 

There were so many things that these "Professionally Cleaners" missed that I just want to shake my head at their service. 

Luckily for the new owners of my customers old house, they seriously got one Sparkling Clean house to move into. 

Also, they didn't have very many carpeted areas, but I had to empty my vacuum bag 4 times from all the debris I picked up. 

If you live in the Boise / Meridian Idaho area and want a cleaning service that actually gets your home clean - please call me. I do have a couple of openings available. You get a full GOOD clean EVERY TIME! That is why my company is called Sparkling Clean, because that is what you get from me. 

My business number is 884-1775. Unfortunately I don't do one time only cleans. I only take on weekly or bi-weekly customers. 


Valerie said...

Funny timing, Sondra. It is time to buy a new mop and my daughter wants me to get a steamer mop for our tile floors. I told her that I wanted to read reviews and learn about it first. I learned so much clicking back to your previous mop post. A new mop every 6 months. Wow!

apple said...

I would love to have you help me deep clean my house, but I live in Utah and would only need the service every now and then, once deep cleaned. I know you do a fantastic job. Your customers are so lucky to have you. We have a very small, old house, which has been mostly remodeled several years ago. I need to clean all my white crown molding, baseboards, chair rail, and then the heater vents, cupboard fronts, blinds, etc. I just need to get moving and get working on it. What tips do you have for cleaning the above?


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