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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas 2014 Part 3

Christmas 2014 Part 3 

Brady had a friend purchase Jason and Sharon a couple of bottle of wine for Christmas dinner. Brady is under age so we had to have someone else purchase it for us. 
 Unfortunately Brady didn't have a wine opener, so Sharon resorted to using a screw driver and hammer to hammer the cork down into the bottle. They thought that Brady would have scout pocket knife with a wine opener on it, but he didn't. 
 It was so funny watching her go at that wine bottle cork. 
 It was a complete mess. The cork fell apart in the wine. She finally used a paper towel over the glass to filter out the cork pieces out of the wine. It was actually pretty funny.

We put a Wine Opener on our shopping list for the next day - which we bought a Gordmans. 

The day after Christmas we went shopping. I wanted to take Brady to our new favorite store Gordmans. Jason drove us every where. It was really nice to not be the strong one, the "Parent" and take care of everyone. It was so very nice to have my eldest son taking care of everyone. I loved to sit back and let him worry about where to go and how to get there. It's wonderful having grown children and I can just enjoy the people they have become. I love them so very much. 

Salt Lake has grown so big since I lived there. We shopped at Gormans and found some great deals on some new clothing for Brady. We also went to JC Penneys to get some more Levis for Brady. 

While we were out and in the area where we used to live, we decided to go look at our old house, a single wide trailer that I lived in for 10 years while living in Salt Lake City. It was amazing that it was still there and it looked great. We drove around the Trailer Park looking at everything and talking about all the memories we had while living there. That is basically where Jason grew up from age 4 to 14 before we moved to Boise. 

I wish I would have taken a few pictures while we were there. We also drove by his old elementary schools and around some areas we used to go while living there. It was wonderful to remember our life back then. Brady doesn't really remember much because he was barely 4 years old when we moved. 
 Brady took us to Crossroads mall - across from Temple square.
 Jason took a couple of pictures in front of the fountain.

The mall has a river flowing through. It's quite a beautiful mall. We ended up having lunch there. We had planned on going over to Temple square and looking at the decorations, but didn't because it was so cold. 
 Brady is modeling he new clothes that we purchased. He fell in love with this shirt and vest look. I think he got 5 different ones.  
 He is seriously such a good looking boy/man. I loved this preppy look. 
 Another angle looking into the bedroom. 
 I have missed Brady playing the piano all the time. So, I made him play for me a lot. I love listening to him play!
 The other item on the list that we purchased while shopping was a book case to put his TV on. He had it on a short side table from when he moved in. I like that it is higher for viewing and that we could put his DVD and DVD player out in an organized manner, Previously the DVDs were in the basket (well multiple baskets). We used one of the baskets to put his Piano music in. Much more organized. 
 Jason and Sharon chilling while Brady plays the piano. I really loved Brady's Christmas tree. So cute!
Here is my cute Jason!

We did spend an evening in the Hot Tub at Brady's apartment complex. It was lots of fun and relaxing! 
 This is Jason's new obsession, rings. He's one tough guy. I'd hate to get punched with those rings! 
 A few pictures of my kiddos. 
 I made Jason take off his Suicidal hate (apparently it's a music band - I really don't like that hat). 
This is my absolute favorite picture of them. I am so SAD that it ended up being blurry and not crisp!! But what cute kids I have!!!!

While I was there I gave Brady's apartment the Sondra sparkling clean too! That's what this mom does *grin. 

We went grocery shopping while we were there too. I wanted to make a couple of batches of cookies for Brady and his flour was rancid. These are things he has to learn as he lives on his own. You have to use and rotate food - it doesn't last over a year. 

I made him some gingersnap cookies and homemade oreos - we froze most of the cookies in individual bags. That is what I do so that the cookies don't go bad fast and they last for weeks, pulling out Freezer pint size bags with 8 gingersnap cookies and quart size bags for 4 homemade oreos in them. That way you can pull out a new bag every other day/week when the bag on your counter is empty. It's a great way to have homemade items last when you are living alone. 

It was a fun trip and we had such a blast together. I love my little family!

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