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Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas 2014 Part 2

Christmas 2014 Part 2 starts when we arrive in Salt Lake City Utah to spend a few days with Brady.

Brady picked us up from the airport and drove us to his apartment. The first thing we did was watch Brady open his presents that I had previously mailed him. 
 Jason and Sharon getting ready to watch Brady open his Christmas presents. We opened our presents the night before on Christmas Eve so we didn't have to mail them to SLC and try to get them back to Boise. 
On Brady's Christmas list he wanted some white Levi jeans. I ordered them off of Amazon, but when they arrived they were an ugly off white (they were from Bullhead Denim - and I ended up returning them). But, I packaged them up AND ordered another pair from Levi. He didn't like the fit of the Bullhead Denim company, but the Levi white straight legged pants were a hit. 
 He also wanted some new socks. He wanted anklet and no show socks. 
 The socks also had to have lots of different colors and patterns. I bought several different kinds and he loved them all. 
 As a surprise Jason and Sharon gave me another gift. I was so shocked!
 It was a piece of paper and I was really confused at what it was. They purchased me 6 months of Kindle unlimited for kindle books. Since I read ALL THE TIME, this was a perfect gift for me and I'm loving every minute of all those free books!
 Jason and Sharon gave Brady an iTunes gift card.
 Jason and Sharon gave Brady a maroon scarf too. It was soooo soft. 
 As a surprise I gave Brady a electrical body grooming kit. He hates his hairy body. I would love to have it all lasered off, but at least this lets him trim it up and keep his body hair at a minimum. 
 As I indicated in Part 1, I gave everyone a blog book from our family vacation to Puerto Vallarta. I also gave Brady 2 blogs books, 1 from his Junior year and 1 from his Senior year of high school. I need to finish getting him the rest of the years, but they are quite expensive so I have to do them a little at a time. 
 Here are his 3 blog books. This is why I blog, it keeps all the memories journaled so we don't forget every minute of the fun we are having!
 This is Brady opening his Portable External Jackery 2 USB Battery Charger. When we were explaining what it does, he was stunned and excited. Look at the expression on his face - classic!
 Both Sharon and Brady received new cookie sheets. My favorite are Nordic Ware Aluminum Commercial Bakers Half Sheet. 
My sister Chris gave Brady a Subway gift card fro a starving college student.

Christ also gave Jason, Sharon and I Fandango gift cards because we love to go to movies. That was really kind of her to do that for us. We loved it. Thanks Chris!!

We had a lovely Christmas spending time together in Brady's small 500 square foot apartment. Jason and Sharon slept on his bed, Brady took the couch, and I brought a twin blow up mattress for me to sleep on the floor in the living room. It was tight but it worked and we were together. 

After we opened presents, Jason cooked us Biscuits and Gravy for breakfast. 

Then we had Ham, funeral potatoes, green beans, biscuits, salad for our Christmas dinner. Since Brady has a new desk in his kitchen area, we put the folding table and 4 chairs in the living room for dinner. Then we played Phase 10 and watch movies the rest of the day. It was the best time because we were together for Christmas. 

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