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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas 2014 Part 1

Our Christmas 2014 Part 1 starts at home in Meridian Idaho with only Jason, Sharon and me. We did an early Christmas on Christmas Eve. We opened presents on Christmas Eve because at 5 am on Christmas day we were on an airplane traveling to Salt Lake City Utah to spend our Christmas with Brady!!! 

Because I spent the majority of Christmas money on our airline tickets, there wasn't as many presents. I wanted to have a few more meaningful gifts because we already have so much stuff, and don't really need much.

I decided to print off our Puerto Vallarta vacation blog book for everyone. I gave one to Jason and Sharon, Brady, Lawrence and Mitch and one for me. I selected to have to book with the option of "large" pictures - which is what I'll be doing in the future. I loved the bigger pictures. Everyone loved this memory book of our fabulous family vacation we enjoyed during the year.

I've also been planning on putting a photo book together of Jason and Sharon's wedding. I finally did a book and used "My Publisher" to make my book. I loved their software and company. It was the easiest way to make a photo book and it turned out beautifully! I did 2 books, one for me and one for Jason and Sharon! I love photo books, so much easier then scrap booking! Plus, they loved their book!

 I hate that this picture is fuzzy, but it's the only one I have of them holding their wedding photo book.
 Here they are looking at it. 
 I also gave each of us a wireless power source to recharge our devices on the go. This one is a Jockery power supply and it will charge 2 devices at one time - phone and kindle/iPad.

 I gave Jason a couple of plaid shirts and Sharon received some new cookie sheets and a cookie scoop. I love Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker's Half Sheet from Amazon here: They are my favorite! 
 Here Jason is holding up one of his new shirts. He received 3 different colors. They are light weight cotton.
The BIG gift Jason and Sharon wanted was a new TV stand. This lifts their flat screen TV and allows it to move to different angles. I purchased it from Amazon here: 

It was easy to put together and they love it!
Because Jason and Sharon got a new TV stand, they gave me their old one. I've wanted one for a while. I've just had my TV on an end table that my mom gave me. It's nice to have a real life TV stand!  Merry Christmas too me!
Jason is a Tattoo artist and has been trying to get his own business going. One of the things he needed was a Tattoo Autoclave. It is a machine that sterilizes his tattoo equipment. The most important thing from a tattoo artist is making sure everything is clean and germ free. Jason is slowly getting all the things he needs to open his own Tattoo Shop, so he requested this from me for Christmas. (looks like a pressure cooker to me - LOL!) 
 Jason and Sharon gave me this cute measuring spoons. A bouquet of daisy's sitting on my counter. This has become my favorite measuring spoons. I love it!
 The pot also is a measuring cup. How cute is that! 
I splurged on a couple of presents for myself. Before Amazon released their Amazon TV stick, it was on a pre-order for the great price of only $19. Since I don't have any type of cable/dish system for my TV, only have antenna, apple TV and DVD player to watch TV. On my apple TV I can access Netflix and Hulu. 

However, the TV in my bedroom was limited to only an antenna and a DVD player. When I saw this Amazon TV stick for $19, I jumped on it. This way I can watch Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime TV now. 

You can purchase a Amazon TV Stick for only $39 here:  I LOVE IT! It was a great purchase!!!
My other splurge for myself was a bigger 8.9" Kindle Fire. Normally it is priced at $349, but during a Christmas special it was only $224. I couldn't resist and purchased it. I love the bigger screen! I still love my 7" Kindle, but love this one even better. It's light weight and I just LOVE the bigger screen. 

Yup, I totally spoiled myself! 
Well, this was our Christmas Even - Part 1 of Christmas! 

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