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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Parable of the Down Pillows

During Jaron and Autumn's Temple marriage ceremony, the officiator told a story "The Parable of the Down Pillows". I loved it so much I wanted to add it to my blog. I am paraphrasing from what I remember:

A young couple received a set of down pillows as a wedding present. 

They loved their soft down pillows through the years.

But, as the years went on, the pillows got flatter and flatter.

The wife took the pillows to a dry cleaner and asked them to clean and if they could add fluffing to the pillows.

They recommended that instead of adding more "down feather's" to the pillows they should take the down feather's from one of the pillows and add it to the other pillow - making only 1 pillow. 

That is what they did, and made one fluffy, soft down pillow.

From that day forward, it was a rush to get to bed between the Husband and Wife. 

They each wanted to give the other the soft down pillow to sleep with. 

They thought more of the comfort for their spouse then they did for themselves. 

That is what makes a marriage work, loving, giving and making sure your spouse is loved, happy and comfortable above all else. Each giving and loving each other more then words can say. That keeps a marriage together forever. 

Links to Autumn and Jaron's wedding: 

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