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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

 Wednesday night (the night before Thanksgiving) we decided to go to a movie, The Mocking Jay at The Village in Meridian. Sharon had Jason stop by the fountains for a picture. I'm sure glad she did, because he is pretty cute in this photo!!

Anyway, we refuse to shop or go to any type of entertainment on Thanksgiving because it is unfair to make people have to work and we choose not to participate in that - no way! It's just wrong! Employers need to quit being so greedy and let their employees be with their families on holidays. Shame on them!
I felt that The Mocking Jay movie really followed the book. I was prepared for what the movie entails. I hated Katniss' hair. I need to watch Hunger Games and Catching Fire to see if it was that dark in those movies. It may have just been in braids in both shows and they kept it loose for her "craziness" or PTSD that she has in this movie - but I didn't like her hair. 

I also hope Peeta didn't really lose all that weight. Wow, he did look tortured. I hope it was digitally enhanced. 

Thanksgiving morning Jason and Sharon arrived early at around 10:30 am. They brought the groceries to make biscuits and gravy for breakfast. It was a yummy surprise. 

We didn't eat our Thanksgiving dinner until later - about 5:00 pm.

We decided not to have Turkey this year and order a ham from "Honey Baked Ham" in Boise. 

That meant that we didn't have gravy or stuffing for Thanksgiving. I asked them if they wanted Easy Cheesy Potatoes/funeral potatoes or Crock pot Au-gratin Potatoes. They voted for Jason's delicious mashed garlic red potatoes. Jason's potatoes were so full of flavor and YUM... sooo good. It was a great choice.

Sharon and I love Creamy Cheesy Broccoli but Jason doesn't. He would eat green beans or asparagus, but I was not going to go to the store to get asparagus the day before Thanksgiving - I'm not crazy - I really didn't want to be in a grocery store the day before Thanksgiving because it's usually a mad house. 
Of course I have canned green beans from my garden, so I baked a couple pieces of bacon, added some white sauce from the Creamy Cheesy Broccoli and added it to the beans - then topped with cheese. It was a hit and a new tradition. 

Plus we made sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows. 

Last but not least my homemade buttery, flakey 12 hour crescent rolls

It was the easiest Thanksgiving dinner and day I've ever had. Having pre-cooked ham instead of a turkey, stuffing and gravy was the best. It's our new tradition to have ham going forward. Plus I know the we will have no problem eating ALL the ham leftovers verses turkey leftovers.
 Top going clockwise - Garlic potatoes, sweet potatoes, heavenly ham, green beans, and broccoli and the 12 hour crescent rolls up top. Together with Martinelli's sparkling apple cranberry juice. 
Our small family of 3 table setting. Jason is in the front who doesn't like sweet potatoes or the broccoli. He just doesn't know what he is missing.  
It was such a great dinner and a peaceful day together. I'm thankful that my children pose for pictures. My beautiful daughter in law Sharon and my son, Jason. 

Of course we missed Brady, who spend the day with his dad and family in Provo. I was able to chat with him for about 45 minutes. I miss him but we will be staying with him for Christmas this year. I'm looking forward to it. Jason, Sharon and I have tickets to fly down and stay with him. It's been a few years since we've spent Christmas together (or Thanksgiving). 

Of course we had pie too:
2 - Pumpkin Pies
Sharon also brought a pecan pie. I've never tasted pecan pie in my life and oooooh it was so good. It tasted like butterscotch to me. It has officially been added to our new Thanksgiving traditions.

I would have loved to have made coconut cream and lemon meringue pie, but seriously we already had 5 pies for 3 people. I guess I'll make them for Christmas. 

Over all, our small Thanksgiving day/dinner was wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving!

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