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Friday, November 14, 2014

Halloween 2014

I was extremely lucky this Halloween to have my little brother, Richard and his family, Rhonda, Tymber and Hope here for a visit.
We has such an awesome time.
Halloween night we spent time at the village. Hope and Tymber posing by these random witch figures sitting on the benches. It took us a while to figure out if it was a real person or not. It wasn't real. 
We also went to "Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day" at the theater in the village. It was just OK ... we had a tough time finding something that was family friendly for all of us to watch and this is what we settled on. 
More pictures in front of the fountains at the village. 
A few poses of Tymber who is obsessed with Batman right now. 

She is such a beautiful tween / woman / girl - grin. 
I loved the sparkles she put on the mask. She looked darling. 
Tymber did Hope's scary make up. 
Dracula girl ... the undead ... who is very messy when feeding on mortals.
I love this pose .. she sure looks scary!

Hope requested cup cakes and sugar cookies from Aunt Sondra .... and yes I delivered.
Mummy cup cakes
and sugar cookies. 

After we ate all the sugar cookies I taught Tymber how to make some more. 
She did a great job but I ended up frosting them while she put the make up on Hope. 

The next night we went to another movie at the Village. It was raining really hard and a lot. We had 1.15 inches in Boise that night - which is just crazy unbelievable - but we sure needed it.
We saw The Maze Runner, it was interesting. I like the action and the movie - but it left you with more questions then answers. I guess it's a trilogy book set and more movies are coming. 

I had such a great time having them here for a few days. It always goes by so fast. I sure love spending time with them!

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