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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Decorations 2014

 This year I bought a new pre-lit, skinny Christmas tree. My other Christmas tree wasn't pre-lit and I've always had multi-colored lights. Plus it was pretty big for the size of my living room. I wanted to change from multi-colored lights to clear too. I found this tree at Big Lots for only $60. I love the size of it and that I didn't have to squish my furniture to accommodate a larger tree this year. 
It's funny that even though the tree is much smaller, I still used all of my Christmas tree decorations. I love over filling my trees with ornaments. I don't have a fireplace mantel so I've always hung the stocking on the side of the fireplace. 
 Here is looking from the Christmas tree to the other side of my living room. 
 A couple of nativities. 
 A larger white nativity on the piano. It's washed out in the photo but it is absolutely a beautiful set. I couldn't get a clearer pictures, sorry. 
 On the table, I have a set of metal reindeer, a metal sleigh and the cutest Santa (also washed out in the photo). The lighting was horrible to take pictures. I may try again when it is dark outside). 
 In my kitchen, I have a couple of Christmas gingerbread men, a gingerbread T-pot, a "cookies for Santa" plate. Also a couple of winter scene pictures on top of the stove. 
 This snowman winter scene is in front of the kitchen sink. 
 This is on the breakfast bar.
 Nut crackers on top of the refrigerator. 
My dining table and the window.

I've finished decorating the inside of my home and put away all the totes. Now I just need to get the lights on the house outside. It's always beautiful when it's done. Now I have a month to enjoy all the beauty of Christmas.


Valerie said...

It's all so beautiful! I don't have a single decoration up yet, let alone my tree. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving too (from looking at your past posts).

Rhonda said...

It all looks great. Im really struggling this year nothing feels like home. All my nativities are packed away at my moms and that is where they will stay until we have room for them. Oh well we will make the best of it.


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