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Sunday, August 10, 2014

YW Camp 2014 Part 4

We started our girls camp with a "Llama Drama Poem" you can find here at "Bless This Mess". One of our goals was to reduce the drama and unify the girls. This was a great way to start the camp.  

Here are the rules we posted in our camp.
 Instead of assigning secret sisters we opted to have a message board instead. In the past there have been drama and meanness in the notes, causing a ton of hurt feelings and drama. We wanted somewhere we could monitor the notes so that it was a positive experience for each girl. We used a shoe holder and put the girls names on a pocket. During the day the girls could leave positive notes to one another. The leaders would check out the notes throughout the day and remove anything that would cause drama or hurt feelings. 

It really worked and was a great uplifting positive experience of our camp. 

As leaders we gave each girl a bedtime goody that we found on Pinterest. 
 There were assignments given each day for the girls that were rotated so everyone helped out in the work. 
 Our camp directors put up signs to go along with our theme "Anchored in Christ". 

 I laughed when I arrived that they put up a Ryan Gossling "Hey Girl" poster. That was great!
 When Corrine and I arrived the evening of testimony meeting we found the leaders who were there the whole time pow wowing and figuring out what award to give each girl. 

Karri, Cindy, Courtney and our President Kelli. They are wonderful leaders who really did a great job unifying the girls. It was a wonderful experience for them. 
 Katie, Natalie, McKenzie, Brialee
 Eden and Katie
 Lauren and Annie
 Brielle and Isabelle
 Danika - who is a junior Olympian shooting guns.  
 A friend who isn't a member in the orange hoodie and Lucy. 
 Samantha, Alexis and Annie
 Jake and Jaylynn

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