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Sunday, August 10, 2014

YW Camp 2014 Part 5 Testimony Meeting

The  night that I was able to go up to camp was our testimony meeting. The dinner was some yummy barbecued chicken. Earlier that day the girls went white water rafting and our bishopric went up and joined them. I was told that Bishop Newby wore a Captain Hook costume - what a character. The girls loved every minute of it. 
 Greg in charge of cooking that yummy chicken. 
The meal was delicious! Here is our bishopric getting their dinner. 
 And the girls eating dinner too. 

I took this picture because Alex (blue hair non-member) braided the middle girl Natalie's hair. 
And they put wild flowers in her hair. It turned out beautiful!
Linda, Natalie and Alex. 
 Bishopric: Br. Browne, Bishop Newby and Brother Powell
Bishop Newby lead the testimony talking about our Savior and the Atonement - for our theme "Anchored in Christ" 

 These girls were such spiritual giants. Their testimonies were very touching and it lead to such unity and hugging each other. It was so sweet. 
A beautiful look at the end of Testimony meeting and our bonfire. It was a spiritual tearful meeting out in nature. Testimony meeting has always been my most memorable experience from when I was a girl and now for these girls. Young Women's camp is a rewarding experience and we had such great leaders that really, really unified the girls. I'm glad I was able to be part of this experience for these beautiful Young Women. 

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