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Monday, August 11, 2014

Puerto Vallarta Vacation Part 6 Dolphins

Brady, Sharon and I decided we wanted to swim with the dolphins and so we booked the adventure. 
Jason, Lawrence and Mitch didn't want to come.

We booked it at the hotel and unfortunately the girl who booked it for us was just new to her job and totally messed up the paperwork. We were responsible for our own transportation to Vallarta Adventures so we grabbed a taxi at the hotel. I showed our taxi driver the brochure and told him that was where we were going. It was a little scary to leave without the men and be in charge to get us there when we speak English and everyone there speaks Spanish.

When we arrived at Vallarta Adventures they told us we were at the wrong place and they told our taxi driver where we were suppose to go from our receipt from the hotel. 

We loaded back into the taxi and took off to the next place. However, when we arrived there we found out that the lady who booked it for us at the hotel put the Vallarta Adventure information on their paperwork, but we were really suppose to be at Vallarta Adventure.

Luckily for us our taxi driver helped us out with the Spanish and understanding what went wrong and where we were suppose to be. So, we turned around and headed back to the original place we went to. It was kind of frustrating for us and our taxi driver. But, at least we were there in time to take part in our Dolphin adventure!!!

Here is a video of the experience - yes we are in the video!!! Great memories!!!!
Before our adventure we attended a class that educated us about dolphins. The spoke in Spanish and then in English - it was an interesting class and because they went back and forth in the language, you had to listen really carefully to understand it all. 

Brady, Sondra and Sharon waiting for our adventure to start!
Say cheese!
It was amazing to be in the water with Dolphins!!!! To say we were excited would be an understatement! 
There was a baby in the tank. It was a month old and we watch it swim and nurse from the mother dolphin. The babies name is Mia. It was cute, we loved watching how the baby stayed with the mother. 
Sondra getting kissed by a dolphin!!! Yea!

We had two lady dolphins in our pool. One was 9 months pregnant and was very fat. We were able to touch and pet the dolphins and I tried to see if I could feel the baby move, but couldn't. A dolphin is pregnant for 12 months and she still had 3 months to go. 
All of their dolphins are bred in captivity and don't know what it is like to be in the wild. 
Next we were able to kiss the dolphin. So sweet!
Then we took the dolphin by the fins and did a little dance. 
I love the smiles from the dolphin.
Next we put our hands under the dolphin to kind of lift / carry them. What a great smile from our dolphin!
Belly rubs were the best!
The package we purchased was the "Dolphin Swim Experience". A fun dolphin adventure with an exciting ride!
How sweet is Brady's picture getting kissed from the dolphin. 
Brady kissing back the dolphin.
Brady's little dance.
I wonder if Brady's dolphin was the pregnant one. 
Aaaaaah and belly rubs. 

Everyone dreams of swimming with dolphins. Vallarta Adventures gave us the experience to chat, cuddle, play and swim with these charming and playful creatures. 

Sharon's kiss from her dolphin. I love Sharon's smile!

Kiss that lucky dolphin. Such an awesome experience!
I think it's safe to say that Sharon is enjoying her dance with the dolphin! Both are laughing (dolphin and Sharon). 

Oh, we sure loved this experience!
This was our group! 9 people and one 7 year old girl which made it even more enjoyable. Children always are fun to watch in a new experience like this. She sure was brave!
Here is where the dolphin sang several songs for us through her blow hole. 

The program we purchased is designed for those who want the comfort of a shallow platform as well as an exciting swim encounter. From the platform we were able to get to know our dolphins up close and personal - learning all about these gentle and amazing animals. We also enjoyed a thrilling "belly ride" swim with our dolphins.
 Brady was the first to swim with the dolphin. 
 The dolphin is swimming on their back and we were on their belly.
 Lawrence swam with the dolphins when he was in Hawaii and he swam on their back and it was hard to hold on, and the tale kept hitting him. It was hard for him to keep holding on. 
 I believe our experience was easier because we swam on their belly. We were able to hold on without any problem. 
 We each road around the pool, it was a fun ride.

 Next up Sondra's ride.
 I absolutely loved it.

 I am so glad that we had this experience! It's something we won't ever forget.

 Sharon was last swimming with the dolphin. 
 Vallarta Adventure believes that it is important to have a positive impact on the environment and local communities. Their eco-adventures, dolphin programs and social programs are developed to educate and build awareness around environmental protection and to "inspire change" locally and globally. They take great pride in all of our social and environmental efforts and hope to make Mexico and the world a better place for everyone and everything. 
 Some of the ways Vallarta Adventures are inspiring change:
Sponsor animals and environmental programs for kids and local residents.

Donate to scholarships for local elementary school children.

Provide free dolphin therapies for low-income families and children of special-needs.

Oversee area re-forestation programs, beach clean-ups and roadside trash collections.

Participate in the rescue and rehabilitation of distressed whales, dolphins, turtles and marine life.

Partners with groups like PEACE, Children of the Dump, Family Development Agency, Sea World Conservation Fund, and many more for social and environmental causes.

Recycle over 90%of their garbage and compost all organic waste. 
 I love Sharon's smile here. 

 After everyone finished riding the dolphins our two ladies did a race in the pool. Carlos who lead our group was so much fun! He is in the blue uniform. 
 The dolphins also jumped in the air. 
 It was truly a unique experience full of interaction and fun water activities. 

 Each dolphin program is unique and based upon the groups, trainers and dolphins. 
 All of their programs are designed with the dolphins well being in mind. 
 Bye, Bye!

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Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

What a dream! Dolphins!

It looks like you are having so much fun. This is a trip that will never be forgotten.

You have beautiful kids!


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