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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Puerto Vallarta Vacation Part 3

Friday, July 25, 2014 was Jason's 30th birthday. We decided to take the Puerto Vallarta city tour. Lawrence booked it for us and we luckily got a good deal on a private tour for just our family. It was definitely the way to go because our driver - Edwardo, only spoke English for us and only took us where we wanted to go. It was such fun! 

The driving was quite scary. They drive really close to each other. It amazes me that they are that skilled. It would have scared me to death if I drove there. 
In the city the roads are cobble stone. 
 The first stop was Puerto Vallarta El Malecon Boardwalk. The statues and sights were very cool. 
Brady, Sharon and Jason
 We loved the walkway. There were so many things to look at and enjoy. The statues were amazing!
 Brady and Sondra
I have to laugh that when I give the camera to someone else they don't get the whole statue - only the people. LOL!
Brady and the sea horse.
Sondra and the seahorse. Oh the stories your mind could make up about mermaids and the things that live in the ocean.  
Brady and Jason 
There were some fun sand sculptures too. 
 When I got home and looked at the photos, I was shocked at where Brady's hand was on these funky sea creature. LOL! Oh Brady you crack me up - even that look on your face is priceless.

Sharon is as beautiful as ever. 
 So many weird sea creatures. My hair never looked good the whole time, I was so hot, sweaty and my hair was curly and pulled into a pony tail all the time. But, I survived - grin! 
 A side view of these funky creatures. 
 The front view. Look at their feet and faces. So cool. This is Jason and Sharon of course. 
 Aliens too! Complete with a ladder to their ship. 
 It was hard to get the whole thing in the lens with a close up too. But, Brady sure got into the posing with the aliens. I think he wants "Scotty to beam him up". 
 It's hard to see this huge metal lady, but I thought it was really cool. 
 Some of the shops along the way. See the giraffe and flying cow. I couldn't resist taking a quick picture.
I thought the celebrity cutouts on top of this shop were pretty cool too.
Jason, Sharon and Brady. 

I'll cut the city tour into 3 posts because there are to many pictures to add to just one post. 
This is City tour part 1 the El Malecon Boardwalk. 

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