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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Brady's Mario Piranha Cookie Pops - Nerdy Nummies

On Brady's 20th birthday he was here visiting and we just returned from our vacation from Puerto Vallarta.

While Brady was here he wanted to make Mario Piranha Cookies for his birthday.

He brought all the supplies from Salt Lake City to make them. He got the idea to make these cute cookies from the video above from "Nerdy Nummies".

He invited his friend Danielle to spend the day with him and make them.

The night before I put out my recipes for sugar cookies and chocolate frosting. I also pulled out the required butter so that it would be room temperature and ready to go in the morning.

I stayed out of his way and let him have access to my kitchen. Plus he really didn't want me hanging around and bugging them when he hadn't seen Danielle for over a year.

**Sorry, some of the pictures are blurry (darn) but I wanted to include them. 
Instead of the "boxed" sugar cookies shown in the video, he made my sugar cookies recipe (which I think is the best recipe out there). You can find my sugar cookie recipe here:  

Brady added sucker sticks to the Piranha Cookie. They turned out great! He just used a drinking glass and cut out the wedge for the mouth. 
Before they started the cookies, they painted these little pots green with an edible non-toxic paint. 
They made brownies from a box I had on hand. They filled the green pots with the brownie mix. 
Then they crushed Oreo cookies (minus the yummy filling) and topped the brownies with crushed Oreo's to look like dirt. 
They frosted the cookies with red frosting.
Brady purchase a tube of red frosting, but they didn't think they would have enough so they asked me to make some red frosting. I used a whole bottle of red food coloring to get it as red as they needed, The frosting color did turn out as red as the tube frosting which made me happy that I had enough stuff on hand so they didn't need to run to the store and get another tube of expensive frosting. I wish he wouldn't have purchased the tube frosting - it's too expensive, but he's just learning to make things from scratch. 
He also purchased the white frosting in a tube for the mouth and the spots on the Piranha cookies. 
Danielle is showing her green hands from coloring the sticks with an edible green marker. 
Next he purchased some green fondant and leaf molds for the leaves by the cookie stem on the dirt. 
They turned out so cute. 
And look at those cute kids!

 I loved having Brady home with Danielle for the day. It's such a nice feeling when I've been an empty nester and the only one in my house day after day - LOL! I just cherish those moments when I have company or my children are home. 
After the cookies were complete they went to "Big Al's" where is other best friend Amber works. She was able to take a break, enjoy Piranha Cookies and visit with Brady.

The next day was Brady's 20th Birthday and Danielle and Amber spent the night. They stayed up most of the night visiting. It was the only time they could all get together while Brady was in town. Brady asked me if it was OK and I said sure - I totally trust Danielle and Amber. Plus, I'd much rather have him safe at home then somewhere that could possible have temptation there. 

I love that Brady is cooking these cute Nerdy Nummies. He's having a blast with his creativity. It's a great outlet for some fun! 

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Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

So hilariously darling!!! Such a great idea. Brady is an amazing kid! You are a great mom.

I'm still overwhelmed by your kitchen makeover!!!!


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