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Saturday, July 12, 2014

YW Girls Camp 2014 Part 1

 After arriving to our camp spot, the Young Women chose their tent mates. We did something different in choosing tent mates, we had a bag of suckers for the girls to pick one. Whichever flavor/color they selected was the tent they were in. 

Our President was very worried about this and prayed and prayed that it would work out. It was amazing how well like personalities were put together in tents. 

The main reason we didn't let friends be with friends is to unify the girls and have them befriend and learn about a girl outside their "click". It did turn out amazing and worked really well to unify the Young Women.
 We were lucky to borrow the tents from the Or-Ida Boys Scouts. 
I guess they had a tough time getting the girls to wake up so they "spring barring" the poles to the tents - waking up those lazy girls - ha ha ha ha ha!
 The camp site had a covered pavilion with tables and a fridge. It was a wonderful place to eat, do crafts and get out  of the hot sun. 

 Making crafts.
 Writing in their Captain's Log/Journal which they loved. Their favorite part of the journal was the coloring pages. When I arrived the evening of Testimony Meeting, I received so many hugs and thanks for the awesome journal.
 Get to know you game.
"Never have I ever" get to know you game. 
 Our awesome Young Women!!!!
 Monday night Michelle came to camp and did a devotional.
Our 2 amazing Priesthood Leaders who attended girls camp and our protectors - Greg and Jake!

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Valerie said...

Looks like from all these posts that they had lots of fun. Our girls didn't get to wear shorts because too many wear too short shorts and the leaders didn't want to be shorts police. They sure were hot. When will some of these girls (my daughter being one of them) learn that it is easier and better to just follow the rules. :)


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