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Saturday, July 12, 2014

YW Camp 2014 Part 3

The skits!!
 The leader skit.
 They called themselves the YOLO Band
 Karri our Beehive Advisor.
 Cindy in the back and Courtney our Camp Assistant in the front. 
 Kelli our AWESOME YW President! She is so hip!

 Cindy our YW 1st Councilor. 
 Nancy our Camp Director and cook - the food was soooo yummy!
 Natalie, McKenzie and Eden (I don't know who is behind McKenzie or Eden) for their skit!
 Emma and Brialee singing "Love is an Open Door".
 Preparing for a skit on skit night!
 Lucy, Jaylynn and Eden - Skit in a bag.
Veronica sang a Michael Jackson song. 

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